Staying fat for Sarah Byrnes By chris cruTcher

In my imagination I feel like this book takes place in a small town. I think this because it doesn't seem like a real get up and go place like New York. It's more laid back.
This book takes place in two locations. One is at a school where most of the story so far takes place and you met most the new characters here. The other is at sacred hearts hospital. This is where we first meet Sarah and this is where we learn why she's an outcast
I believe that the time in this book in late winter or early spring. This is because it not to cold or not to hot. It kind of adds to the sadness of the book.
I believe that it's not to cold but not hot either. I believe it's colder then it is hot. This makes me feel happy. But that combats the gloomy fell of the book .
To me it seems like the town this book takes place in has a average amount of people. In the book so far there are outcast, smart kids, and teachers.
There is a part of the book mentioning a hoodie that Eric is told to wear by his coach. This is because his coach doesn't haunt him to b e cold. But he gets sweaty when he wears it.
The main mood in gloomy or depressed. There is also some anger. Both of these are what she book are about. Two outcasts that are sad.
The setting affects the story because there outcasts but the still see the same people at school that call them names. So it makes the feeling of the book more intense. You start to feel for the people in book.


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