Mothers & Fathers Collages By The Genealogy Kids

Here's a fun and simple way to celebrate your family history. Build a digital collage of photos that show your maternal or paternal family history. How far back do you have pictures of those people? These make fun social media posts or e-mail messages on Mothers Day or Fathers Day. You could also print and frame them as a gift or home decoration.

Mom, her mom, her mom, her mom, her mom, and her mom
Dad, his dad, his dad, his dad, his dad, and his dad

There are many apps available for collage making. We like to use Adobe Spark Post, a free app which allows you to add text and other elements to your post ...

This was created for a Fathers Day post on Instagram. It features grandpa and four more generations from his paternal line.

If your photo collection doesn't go back very far, consider including all of the mothers (or fathers) you have photos of, but not necessarily in pedigree order. This collage includes both of our grandmas, and four great grandmas (from all lines of our family tree):

And if you'd like the pictures to look uniform, edit the photos to black-and-white before creating your collage:


Created with an image by virin000 - "textile jute brown"