Meteors by parker


A meteor is a rock in space. It is smaller then an asteroid. Meteoroids sometimes get pulled into earth's atmosphere. It will start burning. Some meteoroids hit the ground, but if they don't they burn up and create a streak of light.

How are Meteroids Formed?

Meteors are leftovers asteroids. They hit each other to make more meteors. They keep on hitting each other to make more.

Where do Meteroids Happen?

Meteors happen on earth. When they crash they can cause lots of damage to trees and other things.


atmosphere-the envelope of gases surrounding the earth

damage- breaking something

Interesting facts

* The international space station has shielding to protect it from meteors

*A Radar said that 12,000 meteors are a size of a piece of dust

*A fireball is a meteor that is brighter than the planet venus


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