Warfare in Ancient China by: matt wegman

Warfare in Ancient China was a very important acheivement to China's culture and all around the world. These wars took place west into Central Asia, east to present-day Korea, and south to present-day Vietnam.

How Warfare Imapcted Life in Ancient China

One way Warfare impacted life in Ancient China was, by advances in iron making. This impacted life in Ancient China because the result of this was the improvement of making iron armor that held a humungeous amount of strength. Also, the Han were among the first people to create iron swords. Since the iron was so strong, they could produce longer swords. This was magnificent because, longer swords meant that soldiers could swing at enemy soldiers from a safer distance than before.

How Warfare Imapcted Life Today

Warfare definitely impacted life today. One particular way this is, was the invention of the kite. If you go to any park on a sunny day in the spring or summer, you will most likely see a kid playing with a kite. Kids these days use kites as an exciting outdoor toy. The way the kite sways in the wind, is appealing to the child's mind. But back in the ancient Chinese times, these kites were brought up for very different reasons. One reason kites were used back then was for sending messages from one part of the army to another. Before texting, emails, and phone calls, they would use these kites to send each other messages. Also, according to one legend, kites were used to measure the width of heavily guarded enemy walls. So the next time you see or play with a kite, think back to how they were used thousands of years ago.

Fun/Important Facts

•All men from ages 25-60 HAD to serve two years in the military

•The Han had a large, and very well-organized army

•Historians have an estimate that the Han armies had 130,00 - 300,000 men in them

•A favorite weapon was the crossbow

•Military tactics and new weapons helped them expand their empire

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