Communication in Close Relationships FRIENDS


  • Journal #8 due


  • Communication in Close Relationship- Friendships

Check In

In groups of 3-4, find a song that describes friendship


Why did you choose the song that you chose?

Types of Friendships

Short vs. long-term

Task vs. maintenance-oriented

Low vs. high disclosure

Low vs. high obligation

Infrequent vs. frequent contact

Why might it be important to know these differences in types of friendships?

Gender and Friendships

Do you have a tendency to have more same-sex friendships or cross-sex friendships?

Do you think it is possible to be friends w/ someone of the sex that you are attracted to?


Think of one or two reasons why it is and why it is not possible to be friends with someone of the sex that you are attracted to (3min)

Debate Format

  • Pro (1min)
  • Questioning (1min)
  • Con (1min)
  • Questioning (1min)
  • Pro (1min)
  • Con (1min)

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