Massachusetts bay founded in 16 david lee

-This is john Winthrop he was born in January 12,1587-died march 26, 1649.

-He helped find in the Massachusetts bay, he was named govern for Massachusetts for 20 years.

-he was in the Massachusetts bay company until they put a crack down on religion.

The people of Massachusetts where puritans.

If you had a other belief they would not tolerate you because the believed their belief was the only one.

They had no religions freedom in the areas inhabited by the puritans.

Massachusetts was a jagged coastal and hilly geography.

Massachusetts had very poor soil so it made farming harder for farming.

most if Massachusetts was mountains and thick trees and rivers

People in Massachusetts would go fishing to make money or they would start making ships and sell them to make money.

some men would ship and manufacture rum.also along the cost people would go whaleing, whale oil was go for lams

the women and children would work in factories.


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