The Bad Ass Babe's 2017 Guide to Boudoir by Teri Hofford Photography


My passion and the passion of my team, is derived from kick-ass women like you who step into our studio in search of a transformation, not just of physical appearance, but rather, your view of who you are. Through the power of pampering, styling, and a little relaxation we are able to help you see what your loved ones see: the strong, fearless, beautiful woman inside...right now. Not 10lbs lighter, or when life settles down or the kids have grown up. In my experience, it may never feel like the perfect time until you've experienced it for yourself. We will be with you every step of the way from the pre-shoot consultation to the post-shoot reveal and everything in between. Whether your session is a luxury glamour session or a sultry and seductive boudoir session, we provide you with an awesome empowering space to celebrate your beautiful uniqueness and to help you reveal the true YOU!

WARNING: Teri Hofford Photography Boudoir sessions may cause significant boosts in self confidence, self image and self love... Clients should be prepared for mild withdrawal symptoms and should seek additional boudoir therapy as needed.
After coming to terms with my own body issues, I became passionate about inspiring and empowering women around me and as soon as I delved into the decadent & sensual world of fashion and boudoir photography, I knew this was exactly where I needed to be. I wanted to see a change in the way that women saw themselves and thus began my adventure in creating empowering, soul strengthening photo sessions! Now, meet the rest of my dream team!!
From Left: Jill Karlowsky (Customer Relations Director) / Nicole Velasquez (Hair & Makeup Artist) / Tara Wuennenberg (bookeeper)

Boudoir, to me, is not pretty.

It is the act of a person shedding all their insecurities and letting themselves be vulnerable and it's in this space, that I find women realize their confidence, capabilities, and fearlessness, and become reunited with the woman they always were. Every woman who graces my lens comes to me with her own story, experience and issues and instead of just creating "pretty" pictures, we use our time together to capture her transition from insecurity and nervousness to a fierce glamazon who finally, FINALLY, realizes that she is worthy of praising and loving herself without apology. If my boudy babe looks at her album or wall art and it makes her chin life a bit higher or gives her a bit more power to take on her day, then I know I have done my job. Boudoir photography to me, is breathing life back into a woman when she needs it the most. <3 Teri


All of our sessions come with hair & makeup, not because we think you need it, but rather because nothing feels better than being taken care of by a styling team! We want to ensure you are photo ready and feeling glammed up and promise nothing less! During your consultation, we will talk about the type of makeup and styles that get you excited and you can feel free to bring in examples of what you are for and let our team do the rest. Our mission is to celebrate you as the kick ass woman you are, so our makeup and hair will be just to bring our your assets, but still keep you looking like your gorgeous self! During this hour and a half, we will help you relax and get rid of any last minute nerves by playing music that you like, providing you with beverages, and keep you smiling.

But, what do I wear?

The Boudy N' Beauty Closet features over a hundred pieces in all sizes ranging from XXS-XXXL!

As your dedicated boudoir specialist, I don't want you to stress about anything during your session. To help make your wardrobe choices easier, I have created a Boudy Babe's Guide to Lingerie to help narrow down your options of what to wear. In addition to that, I have compiled hundreds of gorgeous pieces in all sizes to give you more options. I am a big believer that less is more when it comes to styling your classy sessions. Wear what makes YOU feel sexy, not what society might tell you is sexy. While you are being taken care of in hair & makeup, I will go through your items and determine which will be best for your shoot! After all, I want you to look bangin'.

At the very least bring the following items to your shoot: black bra, black panties, and a nude or black thong.

Upon booking we will hook you up with a list of our favorite places to shop and possibly even give you a bit of a discount! Places I suggest to shop include: La Senza, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, The Bra Bar, H&M, and your local lingerie boutiques. Online:,, and


As your dedicated boudoir specialist, I will pose you in the most flattering light!

After photographing hundreds of clients just like you, I have made it my mission to help women find their "sexy" again by emphasizing the right look and make every woman look their best! Regardless of size, shape or otherwise, I will show you the sexiest side of yourself and make you think twice about saying negative things to your body ever again! Each year, I devote time and resources to studying more and more about how to make women look their best and achieve the emotional, raw sexiness that is prevalent in my work. During your session, I will apply my expertise to make you look and feel like the bombshell you are!


You can rest at ease knowing that my soul mission is that you fall in love with YOURSELF, and not a twisted, false version of you. This means that while I do take care to retouch out certain distractions (mostly just the temporary ones) and add a pop to your images, you will look like the fierce, glamazon that you are every day! That being said, I also understand that every babe is on her own journey and has her own comfortability level when it comes to retouching, so we have a scale for you to choose, from pre-touched (color changes) to retouched (color changes + skin retouching). The one thing I REFUSE to do with Photoshop, however, is to manipulate your body to reflect a different size than you actually are.

Your Boudoir Experience

The Shoot Timeline

30 minute consultation * 90 minutes hair/makeup * 90 minutes shooting * 60 minutes reveal/ordering session

When Will I Receive My Final Portrait Order?

You will receive your final order in 5 weeks or less. If you have a specific date that you need your photos by, let us know ahead of time and we can make that happen for you.

Pre-Shoot Preparation

Once you book your shoot, you'll receive our welcome email & packet with a prep guide, wardrobe guide, contract, and questionnaire to help us get ready for your shoot! When you arrive for your hair & makeup, we will show you some images to help you determine the look you want!


When you arrive at the studio, you will take the elevator to the 5th floor and make your way to the door which displays our body positivity sign on the door (Unit 570). This lets you know that we will do everything we can to get the negative voice out of your head while you're at your boudoir experience! It is my mission that you feel 100% comfortable in the studio, but also feel the vibe of empowerment as soon as you walk in the door.

As you settle in for hair & makeup, I will go through the items that you brought and pull necessary pieces from the Boudy N' Beauty Wardrobe to help you look your best. While I am doing that, my pro stylist will chat with you about the exact look you are wanting and provide you with 3 "levels" to choose from. This way we can ensure that you look like yourself, but are ready to be on camera!! Be warned: It is A LOT more makeup than day to day makeup as it is "photo ready"

I want you to know that butterflies in the tummy are totally normal before a session, however, between chitchatting with us and music playing in the studio your nerves will have pretty much disappeared before we start shooting! Nerves just mean you care and are about to do something to help yourself grow as a person.

Once we start shooting, I will take over and continually give you direction and advise you on how to pose. My job as your boudoir specialist is to help you channel your inner goddess and bring out your sensual emotion. In addition to telling you how to pose, I will demonstrate for you!

When we are exhausted and empowered at the end of your session, we will determine a time for you to come back a week later for your reveal/ordering session! We will send you on your way with a goody bag of fun stuff to help you remember your awesome boudy experience!


When you come back to the studio for your reveal, you will sit down with myself or Jill to view your amazing photos! You will get to see yourself in the form of a beautiful slideshow set to music! But be forewarned: many clients tend to tear up after seeing themselves in a different light!

If you are from outside of Winnipeg, we will arrange a time for us to do a Skype reveal, so you still get my professional assistance in helping you choose your final art images!

Once we've reviewed them in the slideshow, we will go through them and narrow them down to your absolute favorites!

It's not very often we love a lot of photos of ourselves, but I guarantee you will not have this problem at your reveal. Once we have your images decided, then we will determine how you want to present your images? Which album suits you best? Is there a particular piece of wall art you want to hang up? We have nothing but the best for you to display YOU as fine art.

When it comes to designing your album you have 2 choices. Either we can sit with you and design your album right after your reveal OR you can entrust to take care of the design (we have years of experience!) In either case, we want the album to be perfect for you!

I accept payment right at the studio in the form of cheque, cash or credit card. Once your payment has been received, we will send your order off to be created! If you opt for a payment plan, you will be set up for a recurring payments for up to 3 months.

Get excited, because you will be holding your awesome images in less than 4 weeks once I received payment in full!! I am even able to speed up orders of rush gifts if required, just let me know ahead of time!


To book your boudoir session, I do require the session fee to be paid at the time of booking. The session fee is non-refundable and can be applied to 1 reschedule. This fee will cover our prep, booking your pro hair/makeup artist, time photographing, editing, and customer service. In addition, $30 from each session fee is donated to the Fort Garry Women's Resource Centre (FGWRC) to help empower the women in our community!

Sessions are booked on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 10am and Fridays at 10 and 12:30


Our version of the White Sheet Sessions are a luxurious experience for the woman on the go or for a quick pick me up. Designed to have you in and out of the studio in less than 2 hours, our Exclusive White Sheet Sessions are our answer to a budget conscious, timeless boudoir experience. With the white sheet sessions, you still get our professional hair & makeup styling and your choice of 1 outfit OR nude. Unless specified, there are only 3 White Sheet Sessions available per month and they tend to go quick!!

(Images not included in session fee)


All classy & sassy sessions include professional hair/makeup, pre-shoot consultation and lingerie guide, access to our Boudy Wardrobe which features 100s of pieces in all sizes, 4 outfits + white sheet session, 90 minute session, a private viewing of your gallery containing 55+ images from your session

If you book your session on a Tuesday or Thursday, you will also receive a $150 bonus credit to put towards your image collections!

(Images not included in session fee)



We strive to provide you with the highest quality products, many of them made right here in Canada! The first step after seeing your killer slideshow is to determine how many images you are head over heels for (note: many clients take them ALL home) The more you fall in love with, the more you save!!

Once you have chosen your desired image collectionm, you are then able to add-on products, such as luxurious albums, luxurious wall art, folio boxes & empowerment blocks, check out our entire product catalogue below:


I get that a boudoir session is a luxury experience, and as it should be! You are worth every goddamned penny! I also get that not everyone has the budget to be able to afford such a kick ass experience in one shot, so I have created the Boudy Bank Account!

Essentially, we piece together your dream session during your consultation and you make payments towards the total cost. Once you are 1 payment away, we will contact you to book your session. The sweet thing about doing it this way is that you get to come to your session without having to stress about finances AFTERWARDS! It will all be taken care of for you!

To learn more about the Boudy Bank Account head to the website here: 


Where are you located? And do you travel? My studio and office is located at 70 Arthur St Unit 570 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, but I am most certainly available for travel. You can either wait until I am headed to a city near you or book me to come to you (additional travel costs will be applied)

Do I bring my own lingerie or do you supply it? While I suggest bringing your own bundle of items to wear for your shoot, you will also have access to my Boudy N' Beauty Closet to help fulfill your dream session!

Do you shoot with props? If opting for a classy session, then the answer is no. I am big on minimalist shooting, making you the sole focus. Now, if you decide to partake in a sassy session where anything goes, we can definitely chat about possible props! I should note as well, that I am not a huge fan of shooting jerseys, men's dress shirts, or anything that will turn from gorgeous woman into a product. Trust me, as much as your man loves his hockey team or work shirt, he will love seeing YOU look confident and hot AF.

Do you include digitals with your session fee? No. You select your images at your amazing reveal!

If I don't purchase my images at my reveal, can I come back later and get them? We want to make sure that you get your absolute favorite images, so we will keep your entire gallery on file for 2 weeks after your reveal for anything you may have missed. After that, we delete the images that you did not choose, so make sure you get 'em while you can!!

Do you shoot on location? Provided I can approve the space beforehand this is definitely an option. Ample natural light is a must.

Is there parking by your studio? Should your shoot fall on a Monday to Saturday, I would urge you to park in an outdoor parking lot to avoid having to run down and feed the meter. Sundays and holidays have free parking!

Is hair & makeup included with my session fee? Yes and no. If you come to the studio in Winnipeg, absolutely! If I am traveling and my team is unable to travel with me then it is not included.

Boudy Babe Love

I just had to tell you that this morning was an absolute riot!! I have rocked attitude all day since leaving your studio! Hats off to you, Erin, and Les for making a middle aged mommy feel like an absolute gorgeous model with all the confidence in the world!!!

From the instant I met Teri, I was completely comfortable. From arranging hair and makeup, to helping to pick out poses and outfits, it was a really fun session! I left there feeling sexy and beautiful. My partner was STUNNED at his Christmas gift of a little black book and magazine; it was something he never expected! I think every woman should have a session like this at least once in her life--maybe even once a year! I'll be recommending Teri to my friends--she can bring out the sexy goddess in all of us!

I met up with Teri at her divine studio for a boudoir photo shoot. This was my second time meeting her. I felt nothing but comfort. One of many things I love about Teri, there is no awkwardness. She makes you feel beautiful and empowered. I was a little nervous at first but Teri was absolutely wonderful. She made me feel so relaxed and was great at directing me. I couldn’t ask for more! I absolutely love my pictures. If you're thinking about getting a boudoir shoot done, DO IT. Don't wait till you loose weight or whatever is holding you back. Just do it. The confidence you feel afterwards is undescribable. Thank you, Teri. For everything xoxo

Teri is not only a fantastic photographer, but just the most delightful, fun person to work with. I guarantee that no matter how you feel when you walk into her studio, you will leave feeling empowered and beautiful. She is a true artist, she always manages to capture the most beautiful moments. But she also makes sure YOU have a fabulous time embracing your true beauty. There are lots of different "photo session packages" to choose from to fit your needs and budget. Do yourself a huge favour and go see yourself through her lens. I promise the way she captures your beauty will put a skip in your step and will have a lasting, positive impact on you.

Teri is a force to be reckoned with. Watching her work while being the subject of her creativity was such an awe-inspiring experience. She took my ideas and created exactly what I was hoping to achieve all the while silently building my confidence in who I was and validating what I wanted to achieve with my session. I am so proud to have bee photographed by her.

To check out more client stories, head to the blog: | | (204) 390-3343 | @terihofford
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