Venezuela By: David

Did you know that Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world? Venezuela is on the coast of South America, right to the north of Brazil. People go there to see many famous things such as Angel Falls, and celebrate Simon Bolivar and also Feliz Navidad. Venezuela is a beautiful place.

A popular tourist place is Angel Falls. Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world. Angel Falls is a really thin waterfall, but it drops from a height of 979 meters off the top of Auyantepui. In Venezuela Angel Falls is known as "El Salto Angel," the waterfall is about 19 times the height of Niagara Falls. Turns out the person who discovered Angel Falls was actually just looking for gold. His name was Jimmy Angel, an American pilot who landed right on top of Auyantepui in 1937. Jimmy's plane got stuck on top of the mountain and he, his wife and 2 companies had to search for 11 days before finding another human being. Angel Falls is a great place to visit.

Simon Bolivar was born in Venezuela 1783. His full name was Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisma Trinidad Bolivar y Palacios. He was a military leader and served many wars. Simon Bolivar was a very successful person. He moved to Spain in 1799 after his parents died. In Spain he still worked on his education, and married a woman named Maria Teresa Rodriguez del Toro y Alaysa ( we can just call her Maria Toro) in the time of 1802. The couple came back to Venezuela in 1803, and Maria died of yellow fever. After that Bolivar returned to Europe and kept company with Napoleon. Bolivar came back to Venezuela in 1807. The resistance group based in Caracas gained independence in 1810, when Bolivar traveled to Britain on a diplomatic mission. The fight for control of Caracas, Venezuela and most of the South America continued on back home. Simon Bolivar joined the resistance movement because Napoleon wanted Joseph Bonaparte to be king of Venezuela. After that Bolivar started the Admirable Campaign to have a war and stop Joseph Bonaparte from being the king of Venezuela. p[ of this Simon Bolivar was named "The Liberator" . Simon Bolivar was the leader of the war and fought till once they finally took control and won the war. Simon Bolivar is a famous and great person today in Venezuela. Now you will know him.

Feliz Navidad is a famous holiday word Venezuelan celebrate not really Christmas but just Christmas in a different way. Feliz Navidad is a holiday or event where Venezuelan families don't celebrate the presents or Santa. They celebrate Jesus just like we do, but Jesus actually gives the kids the presents, not Santa. The Christmas celebrations come to an end January 6th the day of the Reyes Magos. Reyes Magos are the 3 wise kings who came to visit Mary and the Infant Jesus. Feliz Navidad is pretty much Christmas, with just a little twist to it.

The Venezuelan flag is yellow, blue and red from the top to the bottom. This is what it is right now.

Venezuela is a beautiful place with lots of famous and amazing places to go to, with lots of cool and just amazing places. It is a great place and it has tall and small places, bottom to top.

Fun Fact: The population of Venezuela is 28,459,085 people.

Fact: Venezuelans speak Spanish.



Conclusion: Did you know that Simon Bolivar was a famous person that served in many Wars. Angel Falls is a great place to visit, It is the tallest waterfall in the world. A lot of people celebrate Feliz Navidad In Venezuela and have a lot of family and friends. Venezuelans share all the things that they want and all the things that they have. Venezuelans have a great life.


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