Music and Me A complicated hIstory

The relationship I am going to explore is my relationship with music. I chose this relationship because I have such a long history with the concept, and it is constantly evolving into something different. I believe my current observation of this relationship is that we have drifted somewhat apart due to other life activities that take priority. But I feel I am on the cusp of another drastic change in my relationship, and I have much to discover once I begin to dig deeper into my past.

I listened to podcast titled Why People Make Music, by Science Weekly. It analyzes the history of music and its origin, discussing possible reasons for music’s naissance. The speaker, Alol Jha, poses the notion that music was created as an extension of our emotions. Music is a language that was initially created to communicate within a community and to bring people together.

Throughout the years, my musical taste has changed with the continual introduction of new material. I constantly meet new people who show me the music they like, and their musical tastes influence my own. This recycling process of music is never-ending, and refutes the claim many make about some music being "old". Music that may be old to you, is undoubtedly new to someone else. I very recently created a club at my school called Music Listening Club. It is a weekly gathering where anyone can come and play their favorite songs. It is an environment in which people share music with each other. It is a way to passively expand our musical horizons, and encourages growth in our knowledge and understanding of different types of music.

Another podcast I listened to was called The Power Of Music To Affect The Brain. This podcast discusses how music can affect the emotions of humans, the lasting effect Music has on the brain, and the evolutionary change of music throughout human history. It is very interesting to consider how music has evolved. Music has so many different genres, and throughout just the past century, we have seen music continually branch further, with the creation of blues, jazz, rock, rock and roll, disco, rap, electronic, alternative, and countless others. One can also delve into these individual genres and find, in many cases, dozens of different sub-genres. Although there are types of music that fall all across a vast spectrum of tastes, there is one aspect of music that encompasses all types; humans can't get enough of it. Our insatiable appetite for new artistic creation is one of the reasons I play music. I am in love with the idea of being able to create something new every day, using inspiration of from past musicians' work.

One discovers when they begin to create music that nothing is ever truly original. I have realized that almost all musicians in the history of the world have stolen elements of other music to make their "new" creation. Again, we see te recycling process of music. Music is always being reused in slightly different ways.

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