What threats do women face in India? Maurice campbell

What is my topic? Why did I choose it? The topic I chose to study is women rights and gender equality. The issue here is that because of gender, people are being treated unfairly. Women especially are being treated unfairly. The question I decided to investigate was "What are the threats Women face in India?" I choose this question because of the recent election. There were many issues that women faced with their rights, during the election, so I wanted to see how women were treated in a different country.

In Ancient Hinduism, Indian women were known to have four specific roles. The four specific roles women had were to be a daughter, wife, housewife (homemaker), and a mother. Women in the present generation are experiencing far-reaching changes. They have more roles than just being a daughter, wife, house maker, and a mother. The women are starting to contribute and participate in social, economic, and political activities. Women in present generation received better education than the women of their past generation. These women aren't causing any trouble, they are just doing what they are suppose to be doing. This leads to the question, what are the threats Indian women receive, if they aren't harming anyone?

What are the threats Indian women receive? Indian women deal with many threats ranging from child marriage, marriage settlement killings, and human trafficking due to rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. All of these threats happen because of the basic attitudes that men are superior to women. When women are raped, domestically violated, or sexually harassed the society is basically telling them that they shouldn’t be in public places because it is dangerous for them. Indian women, would need to stay inside, and just be house-makers. Whether it is from rape, or being called a name on the street, most Indian women have been sexually harassed.

The British Market took a survey of five hundred two women that have all been sexual harrased. All of the women were from major cities in India, such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. These women were sexual harrased in different ways. Forty six percent of the women were insulted or called a name in public. Forty four percent of the women were wolf-whistled. A wolf-whistle, was a whistle to express admiration towards someone. Finally, nine percent of the women had been drugged and later on, reported that they were raped. The government hasn’t changed any of the laws to make them stiffer, until December 2012. In December 2012, a woman was gang-raped and passed away, on a New Delhi bus. Many second world countries came together as one and protested. They forced the government of India to change the penalties on gender crimes. The laws became stiffer, than they use to be. There was a death sentence for continuous rape offenders, criminalizing stalking and voyeurism, and making aid attacks and human trafficking. An acid attack is a form of violent assault. It is defined as throwing acid onto another person, with the intentions to torture or kill the person. Today, there are still many sexual harassment cases in India, but they are decreasing as years go by. It is important for us as Americans to know about the legacy of Hinduism, so we can benefit from it, and improve as a country.
The women currently living in India are trying hard to improve social issues and the social status of women at large. Many women have decided to come out of their houses because of the increase in awareness and education. Women in India usually exist because of their family and for their family. Women value their social life a lot. Many men had hatred towards women who left their houses and went to the social functions. Education had changed the order of women. Women are starting to come out and go to these social functions. The women currently living in India today, started to worry more about their health, figure, cultural needs and interests (what they want), academic pursuits, social activity, religious activities, and recreational needs. Today, there are still many sexual harassment cases in India. The good news is that they are decreasing year over year. It is important for Americans to learn from the oldest religion in the world, Hinduism. Americans can benefit from some of the positives or not so positives aspects of Hinduism. A not so positive aspect is that Hindus believe that are superior to others, depending on what caste system they are in. The men believe that they are superior to women, and can do whatever they want. How can a religion that promotes peace among most of the people in India, have so much violence against women?


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