The Good Life in Nature Emily Mason

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Rainforest was my favorite exhibit as I could walk through tropical paradise and watch butterflies flutter around me. I learned that each type of butterfly had certain sections in the tropical plants and that these sections, although similar in color, were very different to each of the butterflies. For example, the brownish blue butterflies liked to eat from bananas and rested near wood, while the black and pink butterflies like eating from flowers. The Butterfly Rainforest brought me the most joy when a butterfly landed on my head trying to draw food from my hair. That was a unique experience that showed me how we all coexist.

The skeleton is an Extinct Ground Sloth (Thinobadistes segnis) that lived in Florida 8 to 5 million years ago.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Florida Fossil Exhibit allows me to step out of my ordinary life and see the mystery of past organisms. The fossils allow us to see the past and the mystery of what it used to be. This exhibit showed the interaction and scale of the creatures that once roamed the planet. Seeing this helps me appreciate the history of the natural world.

This is a scene that represents a small midden mound and a Calusa family and their home about 500 years ago.

Nature and Ethics

The Village Midden uses natural materials such as palm trees to build a home. These people that once lived about 500 years ago had the idea of Leopold as they did not conquer and build up on the land, but used the land as part of their habitat. This exhibit made me feel like I was living in nature instead of nature living under us. With the birds in trees in one room and the underwater experience in another, nature was dominant throughout the exhibit, even though people were there. The Natural History Museum allowed me to connect with nature by offering living habitats, past habitats, and interactive habitats that allowed for multiple experiences. The experience at the museum, especially the Village Midden, encouraged me to be more environmentally friendly so that nature could be sustained, allowing others to also live the good life.

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