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The main prophet of Judaism isn't proclaimed as their leader is. The leader of the Jewish people is God and only one God. The religion was founded in the Middle East. It isn't exactly known where but Israel definitely is the most populated region of Jewish people. Judaism has a connection to Christianity in that both religions obey one God. Christianity is lead by Jesus who is their savior, but is God on earth, so still considered one God.

Israel's flag and a symbol of the Jewish people.

Major Beliefs

The holy book of the Jewish people is the Torah. The Torah is the five books of Moses telling the origins of Judaism and its laws. Places of worship all over the world for Judaism are chapels, certain churches, temples, and in some cases they urge you to pray to God anywhere you can and that makes it sacred. The religious leader of Judaism is God, they are not actually lead by a human on this planet right now.

A temple where people who follow Judaism go to pray.

Sects of Judaism

There are various sects of religion within Judaism. To give a real number to most types, the reform sect of Judaism is about 35% of Judaism. Conservative consists of 18% of Judaism. About 10% of people in Judaism is Orthodox. Thirty percent of the people in Judaism are of no denomination. The other 6% are other much smaller sects. These sects have various small differences than the others, but they all follow the base of one God and most laws of Judaism.

This chart shows the different sects of Judaism.

Key Holidays/Celebrations

Rosh Hashana is the Jewish new year. Yom Kippur is the Jewish day of atonement. Sukkot the feast of tabernacles. Shmini Atzeret is the Eighth day of Assembly. Simchat Torah is the day of celebrating the Torah. The Passover is also a very big celebration among the Jewish people. All of these celebrations are taken very seriously; in some of them people don't eat or drink for 25 hours.

The video above talks about the Passover and its importance to the Jewish people.


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