War of the Roses By: Braden slinkard

The House of Lancaster was represented by the red rose and the House of York was represented by the white rose.
The two houses were fighting for the throne
Henry VI ruled England and Edward IV wanted to fight for it and that's why the war of the roses was faught
I think he was guilty because he was the only person with a reason to kill them and they just mysteriously disappeared.
Richard III was a cruel king. Richard III made a charge for Henry and his horse got stuck and was killed by a axe blow to the head.
Henry Tudor didn't have a rightful way to the throne of England, but he was powerful and made his may to the throne


Created with images by pipilongstockings - "War of the roses RIP pops x" • el cajon yacht club - "red rose DSC_2475" • MLundback - "White Ros" • Dave Williss - "Red and White Roses" • JD Hancock - "Relationships Are King" • talpeanu - "king crown history" • p_a_h - "Richard III" • Vintuitive - "Battle of Bosworth 2013 PinotNoir" • Dun.can - "Henry VIII's armour" • Milestoned - "Throne"

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