• Louis Cambeletta: VP, Auxillary Services
  • Ryan Wheeler: Sodexo Marketing
Our January 24th meeting was catered by Sodexo.

Using an active learning space & Cisco Jabber, the latest STC session was facilitated with great ease. Thanks to Richard Ferguson from Network Operations for the assist!

Residential Food Services

Before the online members joined, the floor was given to our guests, who represent the two sides of LU's dining solution. Louis Cambeletta began by reinforcing the changes that have been made for the current school year. He spoke to the high regard LU Dining is held in by universities all over the country. He also addressed the order delivery communication in Doc's Diner, stating the new system will mirror the way that orders are assigned & announced in the Tilley Student Center.

Ryan Wheeler spoke to some of Sodexo's latest & greatest ("Hilltop Pizza", updates to "Bite"). He also updated the group on Sodexo's ongoing work with IS to improve communication around meal swipes & available dining dollars.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Josh Frejosky (Enterprise Architecture Director) introduced the topic of virtual & augmented reality (AR & VR, respectively). His direction was toward how it could be used to inform the University community of various initiatives including upcoming events & application updates. Josh showcased a new app called Zap AR. Using a design created by Noelia Alvarado (EA Marketing), he walked the students through a potential use case for the technology.

  • Students were immediately captured by the ability to simply scan an icon that would communicate details before, during, & after an event.
  • Several students offered up dorm leadership as a potential use case. The idea being that RA's could have a single place for their residents to post pertinent events & updates.
  • The online students also liked the concept after hearing that the Zap AR code could be scanned from an online image.


Aside from the ideas specifically pertaining to this month's guests, a couple new ideas had been submitted via Spitball over the holidays & through the first weeks of the Spring semester. Nathan reinforced the ability to comment on the new ideas with their own thoughts.

  • Adding Email To Liberty Today App: After hearing the request, Nathan discussed the likelihood that this would not be pursued. In most situations, people already have a very stable email app on their phone, which means there isn't a need to improve. Additionally, Nathan spoke to the possibility for two mobile apps being the way of the future (one app being academically focused, with the other app concentrating on student life & experience).
  • WiFi on The Roof of DeMoss: Nathan shared that he is working with our Network Operations teams & the LUPD to conduct a time study around this. Once the weather warms up & traffic is more consistent on the roof, the study will commence. Should the data justify the need for a wireless access point (WAP), Network Operations will commence with installation & a plan for ongoing maintenance.

IS Securities Project

After the meeting, Nathan recruited some of the STC members to assist in a public service announcement project around the phishing scams that have been on the rise this semester. Multiple IS teams are currently working to address students, faculty & staff on the dangers of clicking suspicious links & sharing personal information online. Some of this project's results will be presented in February's meeting.

Enterprise Architecture Director Josh Frejosky leading a discussion around augmented reality.


As referenced during the session, Spitball is an application developed by LU IT. It's purpose is to collect ideas from our group & allow the group to vote "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on any submission. Additionally, council members may leave thoughts or further comment on any submission. IT COMS will be monitoring Spitball between council meetings to gather ideas as they are submitted. The goal is to create future meeting agendas based on the callouts submitted though the app.


As ideas are assigned for work across the different divisions, IT COMS will list the work on the "Impact" Page. This page lists out all the work (projects, programs, or other initiatives) that has been launched as a result of direct interaction with the STC:

  • Completed work is marked with a completion date & a green check mark.
  • Initiatives that have launched but will routinely update are marked with three green dots.
  • Projects that have been acknowledged, assigned, and are currently being tackled are marked with three yellow dots.



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Nathan McGlothlin


Group photos taken by Nathan McGlothlin.

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