Social Media in Education What would be the benefits?

Benefits of Social Media in the Classroom

Enhance Communication: The use of Social Media has enhanced communication between teachers, students and parents. The ability to provide instant feedback through Social Media benefits the students in the learning process

Extended Classroom: Social Media allows for learning to happen outside of the classroom. Students that might not feel comfortable expressing themselves in the classroom or asking questions in class can use Social Media to be more involved with their education. Students can collaborate on projects or assignments much easier than before with the use of the different apps.

Educational Tools: This is the one I think the students benefit the most. They have the ability to use Social Media like a tool box for everything they would need to be successful with their learning. Most of everything they would need to help them be succeed is at their fingertips.

Tools for the real World: Social Media allows students to build a network that will only help when entering the workforce. Looking for jobs, writing and submitting resumes as well as many other things is how things work today. Learning to use Social Media correctly is beneficial for their future ventures.

NON- Benefits of Social media

Distraction: I have seen this way too much while teaching, students looking like they are working on their computers but instead are watching videos or checking their Facebook status. My daughter told me that she will facetime friends during class when they are aren't doing anything. The best way to monitor this is to simply just walk around while they are working.

Cyberbullying: This has been something hard to stop and monitor. The biggest negative impact on society due to Social Media is weak minded people now have a platform to say what ever they feel like saying since they hide behind their own device. As a teacher you have to share with your students the causes and effects for cyberbullying, if they are being bullied then share with a teacher what they are going through.

Lack of Social Contact: I believe that Social Media has created a world of just sitting and watching life through your phone or apps. You don't spend as much time interacting with other people in real world situations and miss out on the learning experiences of face to face contact. We don't even call people anymore due to the text message and I am bad about that.

My ideal Social Media Classroom

I believe that in order to have an effective learning environment you need to establish an infrastructure that will support academic growth. Two tools I feel play a good part with developing a learning and communication platform is Schoology and Remind. Implementing these together will make my job easier and allow me to spend more time working with students and not catching students up or hunting down contact information.

Schoology is a learning management system that will allow you to set up your classes and assign work, add discussions, assess and record grades all in one area.

My daughter uses this at the school she attends and she likes the ability to get information as soon as possible. Being able to safely communicate with students and parents is an important part in developing an effective learning environment.

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