Greek Mythology By: Makenzie Hart

Who Is Nyx? Nyx Is the goddess of Night. She Is a primordial goddess. She resides in the darkness of Hades. In ancient art she is depicted as a winged goddess or charioteer, sometimes crowned with a aureole of dark mists.

Nyx's Family: Nyx's parents are Chaos and Phanes. Her husband is Eerbus. Her children are Aither, Hemera, Nemisis, Hypnos, Eris, Thanatos, Moros, Ker, Oneiroi, Momos, Oizys, Hesperides, Moriai, Keres, Apate, Philotes, and Geras.

Nyx- goddess of night

Nyx is a mean goddess, she asked her son Hypnos to put Zues to sleep so that the Trojan war would go her way. When Zues woke up he was furious, He was about to throw Hypnos out of they heavens but Nyx saved him. Zues did not want to mess with the goddess of night. All bad things hide in the darkness so Nyx helped lots of bad people win wars and helped shadow spies.

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