2016 Marketing Review The Good. The Bad. The Election.


Goal for 2016 was to produce 15% increase - we produced 1%

Started the year strong, but paused all Q2 rocks to handle loss in opportunities. Began losing opps in April. Majority of the loss occurred in June - July totaling about 800 fewer opps YOY (4% loss each month).

We had to aggressively a/b test & replace our SeO expert to recover

Did we miss opportunities in web, calls or both?

Let's start by looking at calls

Calls were strong most of the year except for January, June, July and December.

Recovering from the website redesign + June housing numbers hurt us

  • $80,000 - $149,999: decreased 19% (12% of our customers)
  • $150,000 - $249,999: increased 4% (28% of our customers)
  • $250,000 - $499,999: increased 3% (40% of our customers)
  • $500,000 and above: decreased 9% (19% of our customers)

2016 housing numbers were at their lowest in July

  • $80,000 - $149,999: decreased 33% (12% of our customers)
  • $150,000 - $249,999: decreased 3% (28% of our customers)
  • $250,000 - $499,999: decreased 1% (40% of our customers)
  • $500,000 and above: decreased 22% (19% of our customers)

Now let's look at web...

Web forms show a significant loss from the March redesign to which we only begin to somewhat level out after aggressive A/B testing, but we're not making ground.

Looking at how we converted web forms YOY, the new website is actually doing better in all areas but tablet.

Takeaway: While mobile is performing better, Google now has a mobile first approach and the mobile numbers aren't too improved YOY. We need to focus on mobile and tablet A/B test in Q1.

That means we have to look at the top of the funnel at sessions.

We did see an approximate 8% increase in sessions, but they weren't from a channel that converts as well and we lost Organic traffic which does convert better.

Organic Loss

This 10% decline in Organic Sessions is what I've got to turn around Q1. PLEASE NOTE: We were spending more PPC dollars in Q4, so I see an increase from 13% to 25% of people who clicked on our ads versus organic links when presented with both options. I believe without the PPC increase we would be at 50% Organic Sessions.

So what the hell is happening?

Aggregators are moving into top spots across the country

Left is "movers los angeles" Right is "movers new york"

And it's happening across different service industries...

Left is "painters los angeles" Right is "plumbers new york"

I have an SEO Action Plan that will focus on the three biggest indicators: content, link building, and technical updates to help RainBrain. Pete and I have broken out everyone's role by week for the next month. We will continue the same process over all 4 locations over 3 months.

Entire Marketing team is involved - includes SEO explanations

Takeaway: SEO needs to be our big Q1 initiative outside of online booking. I'm putting dates on EVERYTHING to keep on track and moving forward before summer.

Email & Text

February: Moved email over to Send In Blue to give quotes and confirmations an updated look. That led to a 32% email confirmation rate. August: Began text confirmations. Since then 13% of customers have confirmed via text.

Takeaway: Leverage text messaging for web leads that do not pick up.

Review Management

April: Put Dallas on a review management platform. Reviews help boost SEO (3rd party validation), and get us found through aggregators, social, and searches.

  • 25 Google Plus Reviews - Started with 0
  • 15 Yelp Reviews - Started with 5
  • 7 Facebook Reviews - Started with 6

All locations are now on review management platforms and generating similar results.

Takeaway: Maintain accounts but consolidate all locations onto Birdeye for SEO.

Paid Search

July: We started using Wordstream to manage PPC. Since then they have consistently met our goals conversion and cost goals.

Takeaway: Continue with Wordstream and have them heavily focus majority of budget on top keywords until Organic comes back

We spent 55% more YOY in Paid Search rounding out 2016 at ~$215k with over 10,000 opportunities created

Using Kissmetrics & Call Rail we can now see Paid Leads close

Looking at November, Paid Web Leads we see only an 12% Close Rate

And Paid Calls close around 17%

Even with a lower close rate than average, these closed jobs yielded a 65% ROI

Takeaway: Why don't we trying skilling better performing agents a little higher for Paid Leads & use data to forecast spend by location each month

Social Media

December: Added Jeremy to the team to expand our video content. CYCLE video reached 4,600 people, had 154 reactions on social, and 500+ 10 second or more views.

Takeaway: Video, video, video. It gets more engagement plain and simple. Check out our Facebook stats before and after video.

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