Earthquake Preparedess By: Jocelin Valenzuela

California's risks of earthquakes are high and they aren't uncommon due to the many fault lines we have. Because of this it is important for everyone to know what to do in case of the emergency.

It is always helpful to prepare an emergency bag with water, canned food, flashlights batteries, first aid kit, and other necessary things that can be used in this emergency.

It is important to make sure everything in your house is sturdy and secure because the results can be dipterous.

Earthquakes can cause other terrible disasters such as landslides or tsunamis that can make the aftermath even worse.

Tsunami in Japan caused by earthquake.
Landslide that resulted from earthquake.

Earthquakes are dangerous as they are but the fact that they can cause other disasters is a reason why we all should prepare for an emergency that can occur anytime here in California.


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