Hit me with Your Best Shot By Georgia Campbell

Stacy Jaxx is the FILTH!

This amazing performance ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ was performed in the film ‘The Rock of Ages’ which was made in 2012. This song makes the movie, due to the brilliant choreography by the Emmy-award winning choreographer Mia Michaels. She was able to work her magic using songs from the 80s and with an excellent cast who achieved a stellar performance. There are two movement and two non-movement components that will be focused on throughout this essay.

'Put up your dukes lets get down to it'

The movement components used in the ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ performance are the steps and space. The steps were performed in a very angry manner shown from the movements from the Stepford wives. There is a motif repeated throughout the performance by the Stepford wives and that is where they make a gun out of their hands with one thumb up and two other fingers out. This is a representation of the anger and upset they feel towards Stacy Jaxx as he has made the society look bad and unprofessional for choosing to be a rocker. The Stepford wives use their spacing very well from the start of the performance, this was well choreographed and performed. They started in a big triangle then all walking through the middle in the church then all separating into all different parts of the pews inside the church. The movement components used made this performance eye catching, interesting and enjoyable to watch.

'Why don't you just hit me'

The non-movement components that are used throughout the ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ performance are the costumes and the set. The set that was used for the performance was in a old wooden church with a large photo of Stacy Jaxx on the wall at the front. The Stepford wives are dressed, very prim and proper this could also be classed a sophisticated in the 80’s. They are all wearing various pastel coloured dresses with shoulder pads which were very big at that time and pant suites matched with some plain white high heels, black headbands and pearl necklaces. The reason why this set and costumes were chosen is because the film (The Rock of Ages) was set in the 80's. The only way to show what year this movie is based in is using props, costumes, hairstyles and makeup. The costumes and set that were chosen for this film is just some of the reasons why this film is enjoyable to watch.

The rock of ages!

To conclude, this performance is very entertaining due to the actors and the amazing choreography by the famous Mia Michaels, this performance is very outlandish at times yet entertaining. The non-movement and movement elements are all of the reasons that make up this amazing and creative performance by these very talented actors.

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