How America Started In 5 parts

The first step of how America started is when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean. When no one else was going to. Christopher thought he made it to Asia or something like that. He actually made it to the Bahamas or around that area. He basically started the U.S.A by finding a whole new world.

This is a picture from the Revolutionary War. This was a war that lasted for 9 years. We had some horrendous defeats and some epic wins. It started in 1775 at Lexington and Concord and ended in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris declaring land for the U.S.A. We won surprisingly. The British were known for being the best soldiers and leaders and had the best strategies, but we won with different strategies and soldiers. This was a huge step for us.

We made a huge move by declaring independence. This was in 1776. This picture was when we were in court.

This was the actual declaration of independence. It was a bunch of fancy words. This was a big step to me because it was a bold move.

This was when Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and others were coming up with the writing for the declaration.

The Louisiana was a huge step for us in 1803 we doubled our land. T.J was just going to buy New Orleans from the French, but instead the French offered us something called the Louisiana Purchase. We had no idea but it would double our land when we were only going to get New Orleans we got 10 times more land for only a couple more million.

The War of 1812 was when the British were disobeying the Treaty of Paris and stealing our ships and ship slaves. War hawks were some individuals that were ready and wanted the British out of our territory. The war hawks were born when England was at war with us in 1775 that is why they wanted war with the British.

Thank you for listening to some reasons why I think America started started. Here is a game that you might like called Oregon Trail!
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