SEE TOMORROW GROW St George's School Windsor Castle - Our strategy to 2025

Welcome to our fresh new plans for the school. Over the last few months the Governors, the Head Master and his senior leadership team have embarked on a comprehensive consultation with our parents, our staff, outside advisors and educational specialists to plan our way forward.

Education needs to be progressive, dynamic and relevant to prepare pupils more appropriately for their future, fully prepared to embrace the global opportunities and challenges that they will face.

Coeducation has been a central part of a St George’s education since 1996 and our unwavering aim remains to offer exceptional educational outcomes for girls and boys both within and beyond the classroom.

We have created a new strategy for the school to ensure our pupils are Real World Ready, with the skills and knowledge to be the best they can be. Our vision for St George’s encompasses four key elements:

Transformational learning
Education is no longer about retaining knowledge, it is about engagement in independent learning, clarity of thought and critical evaluation.

Our new curriculum and approach to learning and teaching will focus on skills, values, attitudes & attributes, preparing intellectually and socially confident pupils, ready to excel.

We are introducing the ‘Pre-Senior Baccalaureate’ (PSB). The PSB is favoured by academically rigorous Prep and Senior Schools and provides a forward thinking framework that seeks to promote vital skills and independent learning.

The introduction of the PSB and an innovative approach to learning and teaching will:

develop skills and knowledge through a broad and balanced curriculum

promote vital skills in independent learning, the appropriate use of technology; critical thinking; leadership skills and fosters team-working in all pupils

encourage pupils to delve more deeply; challenge and question; discuss and debate; pause; consider; evaluate; and reflect

provide opportunities to engage in cross-curricular learning

will ensure pupils are prepared for a range of world-class selective academic Senior Schools.

The PSB will be introduced in September 2020, as the current Year 5 enter Year 7 (current Year 6 will still sit CE in June 2021). Core Common Entrance subjects will be taught alongside the PSB for pupils who require them for entry to their chosen school.

Learning outside the classroom

A focus on ‘real life learning’ will:

engage pupils deeply in matters of sustainability, environmentalism, social and ethical issues

develop personal and social skills through real-life, practical or hands-on activities

promote increased self-esteem, and inspire pupils to become more engaged in their education


Further investment in ICT as a tool for learning will:

provide "digital pencil cases" for all pupils

create an environment in which children are excited and curious about learning

ensure pupils are future ready through the interaction with robotics, AI and engineering.

Senior school preparation

Our pupils go on to a variety of leading day and boarding schools, with a different testing and interview processes. St George's will offer a personalised programme of senior school preparation which will:

ensure every child is fully prepared to take on the Senior School pre-test and interview process

provide tailored advice for every family, to ensure each child achieves a place in the right school for them

offer a dedicated resource to answer questions from a team with strong links with senior schools

create regular Senior School events where families will have the opportunity to meet with senior school Heads and Registrars.

St George's Head Boy and Head Girl

St George's Award and Global Opportunities

We are creating the St George’s Award, involving a programme of residential trips, adventure days, skills workshops and lectures, providing opportunities to:

introduce pupils to entrepreneurial skills

encourage them to connect and collaborate internationally to develop global awareness

promote self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills.

Preparing for a truly global future, we intend to become the first Prep school to join the Round Square Group of schools:

a world wide network of 250 schools sharing common values

opportunities for exchanges, virtual learning, trips and insight into the global world of education.

"Music education may be the very thing that improves all-around academic achievement and an ideal way to have students learn more holistically in schools".

- American Psychological Association study 2019

Music is at the heart of St George's, and enhances our children’s lives on a daily basis. From choral to instrumental and electronic to contemporary music, we will create broader opportunities for children to see, hear, experiment and take part in music making across a wide variety of musical genres.

Playing music is a workout for the brain - it develops social skills, teamwork and discipline.

Music participation is linked to greater academic achievement.

Music provides a platform for pupils to express themselves, enhancing their natural creativity.

The use of our on-site recording facilities will enable pupils to explore and expand their musical skills incorporating composition and recording.

It is our intention that drama will be taught throughout the year groups to allow pupils to express their creativity and build their confidence through live performances.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."

- Aristotle

wellbeing - mind and body

Building confidence and self-esteem is central to a St George’s education. From September 2019, The Mind Up Programme will be integrated right through the school. MindUp helps create optimistic, compassionate and engaging environments which build pupil resilience and foster expressions of gratitude, empathy and connection to others. Children learn to regulate emotions and focus attention reinforcing the enjoyment and experience of learning.

A Wellbeing Pod will provide a dedicated space for pupils to enhance their confidence and self-esteem; a clinical dietician will be working with the school to support healthy eating and every member of staff will be trained in Mental Health First Aid. Parents will also be offered a chance to train in Mental Health First Aid.

Enhanced ‘Sport for All’ will see every child enjoying a wide range of individual and team sports and activities, with high quality coaching allowing the children to enjoy competing within and between schools to ensure they are the best they can be.

Investment in our boarding facilities will enable more pupils to benefit from flexible boarding, sleepovers and ‘big boarding weekends’.

These initiatives will:

enable children to cope better with stress, anxiety and exam pressures

build resilience and the ability to cope in anticipated and unexpected scenarios

increase awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle

develop emotional intelligence, seen as one of the most important prerequisites for the changing job market.

castle community

St George’s School is a key part of a unique, historic community that enables pupils to gain memorable spiritual and musical experiences

greater links with the College of St George will enable pupils to attend educational events, hear external speakers on globally relevant topics and Year 8 students deliver thought provoking TEDx talks

pupils will benefit from membership of the St George’s Association which will provide them with a network for life within this special community

pupils benefit from easy access to Windsor Castle, including visits to the Royal Library and the Education Centre to support learning, as well as use of the safe and secure outdoor environment of Home Park Private.

Through our curriculum and approaches to learning, commitment to wellbeing, promotion of music and with a global outlook, we feel St George's pupils will have the very best preparation for life.

Information will be updated on a regular basis.

St George's School - Real World Ready