My portfolio MÓnica Acedo

1st Register project

Villa del Carbón

It was a project in which we helped a young man put a floor in a construction he owned, and wanted to transform into a restaurant to earn money for his university. My roll in the team was more mental than physical because of my back problems, I helped with anything people needed that wasn't very heavy, I coordinated them and see what they were doing and what they could have been missing or needing.

(Check Colin at the back)

I choose the competence of resilience because at first I wanted to do everything that everyone else was doing, carry heavy buckets, use the shovels for mixing, and so on. But after some time I felt the pain, and had to sit down for a while, I realized I couldn't do the same as the others, even if I wanted to. So I just had to get up and see what else I could do to help. Something I learned from myself in this project was that I can't stay calm and don't do any kind of job. It doesn't matter if it is the simplest task, I just need to contribute to the common goal, which in this case was constructing the floor.

When I see my teammates I see I'm different from them, I think and reflect more time on what would be the best thing to do. They just went into action, and didn't listen so closely to our mentor's instructions. The principal strength I contributed with was my perseverance, sometimes my teammates would feel tired, and I would tell them I could do the job a little while, while they could rest for some time. I think I helped everyone to feel cheered up, and continue on doing what we needed to do to get to our goal. If i ever did a project like this again I would plan it better, assign actual roles and define who's more capable for what and give those roles, so that time is exploited to the max. What I wouldn't do, is to sign up to projects in which I'm not able to participate with my 100% of efforts. I need to make my best effort to be happy with what I did.

Respect to resilience, I would like to improve this competence. It is really important for me to go on, and I have been in some situations in which I simply lie and cry myself out over what's happened. I need to make my resilience faster. And see that if I had a great idea or project, no matter what happened to it, I can do another even greater and better planned.

I think this competence will help me in life, just general life. But being more specific it will help with the plans I have for my life. I want to be a freelancer, artist, independent worker. I know I will fall down several times. So being able to lift up myself, is really useful.


Created with images by Catedrales e Iglesias - "Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia,Villa del Carbón,Estado de México"

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