The Lion,The Witch,and The Wardrode BOOK REVIEW

white witch castle
the wardrobe that leads to NARNIA

I like this book because it has a lot of action


This story has a lot of surprises i felt like i was in the story


This story is about two sisters of EVE and two brothers of ADAM going in a wardrobe that leads to this magical place called Narnia they meet a lion named aslan and a witch named white witch she wanted to try to kill all four of them but they stick with the two beavers but edmand want to the white witch castle to tell the witch that they are in Narnia and they go to war with the white witch and her army of creatures they grow up to be handsome kings and beautiful queens they go back in the wardrobe they all fall out the professer see them and the end

father Chirtmas

a lot of people would like the book if they love Greek mthys and what ever age 9- 90



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