War Is The Health Of The State By Post Freedom

The Decentralization Of Thought

2014 | Punk


“End the wars, no more victims. -- Battering ram to the whole fucking system."


  • Matt Bergman, of Punk Rock Libertarians, was the singer, guitarist & songwriter for Post Freedom as well as TENWATCH.
  • Many of the song topics from "The Decentralization of Thought" were inspired by Thomas Paine's "Common Sense.".
  • With Post Freedom Bergman's goal was to make a punk band that was unmistakably & unapologetically libertarian.


Luke Tatum

War is the health of the state. Boy, is it ever! Of all the pretenses for starting new government programs, war is the cream of the crop. Price controls, financial regulations, emergency provisions for government takeover of industry, rationing...it's all part and parcel for the whole government gig. "Grab power anytime you can, and never give it back." That's the official policy of the US government and governments around the world. This isn't even a new thing. Indeed, the Incan Empire in Central America kept a smaller, weaker nation in check but never won the war. This was by design--raiding their weak and hostile neighbors provided an excellent supply of human sacrifices. The same story continues into the modern era, with new actors filling the roles and new technology to set the stage. The brutality, though, remains constant.

Sherry Voluntary

First penned by Randolph Bourne during World War I, "War is the health of The State" has, unfortunately, been proven over and over. One of the many deplorable things about war is that it subverts the values and intentions of the hoi polloi from pursuing those things that are of interest and value to their lives, to pursuing instead, the interests of The State. This not only creates a false sense of duty, it gives more and more power to those state actors who will continue to make one war after the other.

Nicky P

Sometimes it's OK to lay it all out there right in the title so glaringly obvious that it's impossible to misconstrue what you're getting at. I think we call this virtue signaling. We're told that virtue signaling is a bad thing but I think more often than not our issue is with the virtues and not the signal. I say all this to support my position that if there was ever a more important message to virtue signal the hell out of I'm not sure what it is. Signal to everyone on earth why they keep us fighting. They want us at each other's throats because it's how those who desire control can maintain it. Stop the fighting, stop their power, it's very simple.

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Nicky P