My name is Ben Delepine, I'm a Junior of Crater High School in BIS. To be honest I am still not sure what I want to be, but I am considering being a firefighter or something in the medical field like an EMT.


After I graduate High School I want to serve a Mission for two years then I will go to RCC to take some EMT classes then go to BYU Idaho for anything else I need.


BYU Idaho is at Rexburg Idaho but I am not sure how many years I will stay there.


I have not yet sent out an application for either of the schools but I plan to while I'm out on my mission for 2 years then I will take some classes in RCC and later transfer to BYU Idaho for the rest of the time while working some side jobs to help pay for college.


The reason why I want to do this is because many people in my family are or were firefighters like my grandpa and several of my uncles. This makes it easier to find a job with firefighters because my one of my uncles can tell me ways to get into it easier.


While it isn't super hard to get into the schools I want it is a lot harder to get the job I want because of all the classes I would need to take and I would have to take physical tests and pass some training programs that would be very difficult.



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