Transportation Electrification (TE) Relevant Experience (Visualized)

This page highlights a sample of our experience providing all-inclusive electric vehicle (EV) charging programs and individual projects.

(2017) We scripted and produced the video (below) for SDG&E to introduce customers to the Power Your Drive pilot program. The same video was used by the University of Stanford in a professional assessment of the industry and is shown on SDG&E's EV landing page.

Completed Site: Jack in the Box, HQ - San Diego, CA (2017)

C2 (Drone) Processed Aerial Image for Site Assessment:

Program assessments that align with client initiatives and regulatory compliance require the development of process flows and associated schedule milestones.

Client interest, easements, feasibility studies and preliminary estimates

As a part of C2's Program Management and Engineering scopes of work; we produced a number of promotional items, including the following video (2019):

C2's Electric Vehicle (EV) program alignment infographic

C2 (Drone) Construction Progress Fly-Over:

APS (EV) site in construction timelapse; video and site (planning/engineering & construction management) by C2:

C2 supports the development of strategic, budgetary and policy documents.
Industry expert technical and forecast documents.
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Development & Training (Databases, Business Intelligence Dashboards, and Popular Software Platforms)

EV Day 2017, San Diego - C2 produced the video and partially staffed the event to help support the local community on all things EV Charging:

Video we created for Pacific Power; a day in the life of one of C2's (mobile) site assessment field engineers, here featuring Chris Friesen.

MA Engineering, Inc. San Diego, CA (2017)
C2's Site Assessment Team Tools
Recognized Women Owned Firm in Program Management, Engineering and Emerging Technology Integration

C2 (Drone) Site Assessment (Planning & Engineering) support Aerial Topo:

LiDAR Field Collection and Basemap Development
School Parking Lot LiDAR Collection
Control Room and Garage LiDAR Collection
Brandon (C2) conducting a site assessment with APS onsite.
Oscar (C2) onsite (field engineering)

Get to know us, our team in action:

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