Where There's Water on Land...

NASA's "Surface Water and Ocean Topography" Mission
Launch: 2021

SWOT will provide the very first comprehensive view of Earth’s freshwater bodies from space.

What kinds of freshwater bodies will SWOT see?

Rivers around the world wider than 50-100 meters (164 - 328 feet).

SWOT will augment stream gauges by measuring rivers in two dimensions (2D).

Those 2D measurements can show the complexity of streamflow through a river basin like the Amazon.

SWOT will help us understand the concerns of a whole continent.

And ultimately tell us about the opportunities and hazards that rivers represent all around the world.

How will these data help us?

Improve the computer models that are used to monitor drought conditions

Accurately measure changes in reservoir storage over months and seasons

Allow communities to plan future flow conditions, even when upstream water sources are located in other countries

Help improve flood forecasts and help businesses better protect their assets from flood risks

Benefit river commerce by supplementing data from river gauges

Wide swath technology will make it possible

SWOT will cover Earth’s large lakes, rivers, and reservoirs at least twice every 21 days.

The SWOT mission is being jointly developed by NASA and Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) with contributions from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and United Kingdom Space Agency (UKSA).

Where There's Water...

Data maps were developed by SWOT Hydrology Lead, Dr. Tamlin Pavelsky,

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