The transformation of cell phones and it's further advancements

1973, Martin Cooper made the first ever cell phone in history.

1989, cell phones such Nokias were made with a screen to look at things like the time and weather.

1999, Blackberry smart phones were launched with apps that were provided when you get the phone such as music, camera, and messaging.

Around 2007, phones that had the ability of doing everything in touch screen and adding your own preferred apps from the app stores were available.

Through out the passed years phones have developed in size, shape, camera qualities, storage space etc.

The google phone is the highest rated smartphone, the only one with batteries that charge 7 hours in 15 minutes, and has unlimited storage for photos and videos.

In the future there would be many other phones that can do so many things that we haven't thought of.

Although, it all comes back to the creation of a cell phone that was used 44 years ago.

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