Depression, darkness, and Death A closer look on how people handle depression

In the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, Two high school students sitting alone in the cafeteria trying to fit in with the rest of the kids as they eat their lunch and both get hate on by other kids. Both of the kids have no bright future, not many friends, and very little talent. Melinda Sordino is the main antagonist in the book why dingaling is dealing with a lot of psychological stress and having trouble finding friends. Nobody from her school likes her because she called the police on a party which has everybody hating her. Melinda eventually becomes friends with a new girl from Ohio who is dealing with problems of her own. These two main characters are from the book speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. These two characters are just starting high school and are dealing with serious stress with work and being socially accepted. I can tell this happens a lot at Staples because most of my friends are swamped with homework and are really having trouble outside of school with all of the work they have been given. For an example I have a lot of of school work that I spend hours every night doing and this affects my sleep and how I am mentally focused for the next day; This is just one way I am stressed.

I believe that every day stress and depression will affect your future and they way you handle life based on the way an average high school student handles stress and depression. There was a great quote that I found by Aristotle Onassis “It is during our darkest moments where me must focus to see the light”. This is a very inspirational quote because most times when teens are depressed they feel like there is nothing good in them or to look forward to so they commit suicide. This quote allows teens who are dealing with depression and stress to find something that makes them happy which is the light out of their darkness. This quote relates back to my book because Melinda finds something that she is interested in by doing an art program at the school which helps her deal with her stress and is her light out of a dark tunnel. Dealing with stress and depression really changes the way teens separate from other teens because they are all handling it differently and have their own personal issues. Schools should make kids feel safe by kids not getting bullied and making them feel confident. One way to do this is to have kids go to a councillor who they can have a conversation with and talk about their problems at school and how they can be fixed or how they can handle it. The beauty about Staples High School is that if you are dealing with stress or depression you can always talk to a guidance counselor at the school or with a friend to help you with your problems. Most kids can't talk to anybody about how they feel so they keep it to themselves and eventually can't live with all the stress and darkness that they deal with. Sometimes the lack of support can lead to them making bad choices (crime, not caring about school, not participating in school activities.) and could lead to suicide.

I found an interesting quote about this topic is “it is only sorrow bad weather masters us in joy we face the storm and defy it” by Amelia Barr. This confirms my idea of mental health and how people decide to face it and how they can control their depression. My personal experience with mental health is they way you handle it and how you can find the light in the tunnel to get you out of your darkness. One time last year I didn't make the 8th grade travel basketball team and I got mentally upset and it made me lose my self confidence to keep doing things that I know are hard for me to do. That experience was probably my darkest moment, but I soon forgot about it and went out and made the baseball team later that year and found my light at the end of the tunnel. Another experience that I had to deal with growing up as a kid was moving from California to Westport and that was extremely emotionally tough on me because I was leaving everything behind me my friends, my school, and my community. When I first moved to Westport I was mentally depressed having to start over a new life on the East Coast, but I thought positively and made a plan to make new friends and do well in my new school. Many people handle situations like mine by quitting after they fail and getting really depressed and not trying to find success and letting themselves beat them. Families can help their kid better and feel more comfortable at school by giving them advice and make them feel organized by keeping them on a schedule at all times.

How will you face depression?

This correlates to my main idea that depression can truly ruin a teens future with no self confidence and limits their confident level socially and academically. Depression and sadness really controls a teen. If they can't find their happiness it can really put a negative impact on how they see their life, as they continue to grow as a young adult. However some people handle depression very differently from others by getting help and expressing their feeling with another person, but most people tend to keep it to themselves which can create an even bigger darkness that goes inside of them. According to the article “Mental Health America” most parents don't help their kids and talk to them about their feelings and issues and specifically adolescence depressed kids.

How stress can effect your future

What can we do to change this? Many people suffer from depression but telling them to talk to other people doesn’t always solve their issues. If someone is not comfortable talking to someone or feels they have no one they can visit gave tons of steps to help a family member or friend who is suffering depression: be a compassionate listener rather than giving advice, provide whatever assistance the person needs, take walks or do other physical activities together, take care of yourself so that you are able to stay positive, encourage a healthy diet by cooking and eating together, and learn more by reading the related articles. It is easy to tell if someone is suffering from depression if they have no energy, optimism and motivation to be happy. Many people see these actions and do nothing about it and becoming bystanders. One way to help people becoming depressed is to be kind to other people and make them feel special and cheerful and not letting them down or allowing them to feel terrible. Most teens in high school who suffer from depression are bullied and treaty terrible which really puts them down. It is the parents and the school’s responsibility to make the individual student feel good about themselves and not feel completely miserable. Schools should handle mental health more seriously and help people by setting up a wellness class, counseling, and yoga. Schools should alway have these reliable options.

Darkness is how most people see the world

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