Healthy Humans laziness doesn't make you happy, being healthy will

Healthy Humans is a place that is perfect for everyone. Our motto speaks to our citizens telling them that laziness doesn't make you happy being healthy will. Our seal symbolizes eating is one way to be healthy not just exercising. Apples are our seal because apples are fruits and fruits are a necessary part of you body. We believe that being lazy is not right. Trying the best you can do to make sure that you are fit and healthy because that is the right path to take. We have 10 rules that we hope every one of our citizens follow. Number 1) once you reach six years old you must at least exercise 30 minutes a day. Number 2) Each day everyone has to do a different kind of exercise.( swimming, running, biking , ETC...) Number 3) You need to have fruits, veggies, protein, dairy and grains with every meal Number 4) No one can eat after 10 so you can burn off all your calories before you go to bed Number 5) Any kind of illegal drug( or drugs that are bad for you) is no allowed, except for medicine but only when you need it. Number 6) Smoking is o allowed anywhere in this community not even chewing tobacco Number 7) Everyone has to go to bed at a certain time so you can get the proper amount of sleep. Number 8) Everyone has to drink 8 ounce glasses every day Number 9) Everyone has to visit the doctor, dentist, optometrist once a month Number 10) Everyone has to have proper hygiene like brushing you teeth, flossing, showering Etc.... The average schedule for everyone is to wake up and do aerobic exercise every morning. Then they shower get ready for school work etc.... Families will get together for every meal. After dinner everyone has to do an anaerobic exercise then shower then get ready for bead. Our utopia will be in New Zealand because study shows that New Zealand is the healthiest place in the world. Out type of Government is a democracy because it is healthy for people to make choices and be responsible on what kind of leader they want. Come live in Healthy Humans because everyone will be healthy and look great. Exercise increases happiness so live here and you won't just be healthy but you will also be happy.


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