It's Kind of a Funny Story By Ned Vizzini

A neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York City


The main character of this story, Craig Gilner, is a intelligent and hardworking teenager living in New York City. His drive to do well in his Executive Pre-Professional School ultimately ends up with him depressed and not eating or sleeping. Even with the support of his parents and his therapist Dr. Minerva, he cannot find a way to cope with his problems. Craig's deterioration happens due to not refilling his Zoloft and then followed by social conflicts with his friends and within himself. After contemplating suicide, Craig calls a suicide hotline and then is told to go to a local hospital in which he does. He's checked in, and then he is arranged to join the adult section of the mental ward as the teenager section is being renovated. While in the hospital, Craig meets Noelle, a girl in a similar situation as he is and has turned self-harm to solve her problems. Next, Nia, Aaron's girlfriend and Craig's crush, begins to focus on Craig more than everybody, and this destroys Craig. As he's healing, she returns his stress and responsibilities and almost ruins Craig's relationship with Noelle. After Craig finds out he must remain in the mental ward for several more days, he begins to help people and build relationships and in return, they give him the confidence to find out what he wants to do and pursue it, which is art. This story reaches its climax when Craig figures out what he wants to do while doing an art session during one of his days in the mental ward and when he distances himself away from his friends in the outside world. When Craig connects with Noelle, and says goodbye to all of the people he met while in the hospital, his problems are solved for the most part. While in the hospital, he began to eat and sleep(for the most part) normally and mapped out a way to relieve the stress in his life which is to leave his high-stress school and join a school that is focused on art.


A mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It also affects how you behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.

First of all, depression has developed the character of Craig and has changed how he views his life, other people and hobbies or activities. As the story progresses, we see how Craig's confidence about his future and in his eyes, how his grades plummet. The reader, gets inside of Craig's head and experiences this mental change. Craig's interactions with his family and friends are also altered by this disorder.

Secondly, the main conflict of this story is Craig's battle with depression. Because of his depression, he was very close to ending his life. Craig felt so much bettter while taking medication called Zoloft that he felt that without them, this feeling would persist. What followed next was Craig's break down.

Thirdly, the theme in this novel is finding out who you are. By studying for several months of his life for a test to get into the executive pre-professional school, Craig did not pursue what he wanted to do, but what was the best. Craig stated throughout the novel that his goal was to have a good job and make lots of money. However, Craig was misleading himself into continuing with this schooling. Only when Craig was admitted into the mental hospital was he able to meet people who could help him with finding who he was. While in the mental hospital, Craig was somewhat relieved of his outside-world stresses and responsibilities. He was able to put time into himself rather than his schooling. Because of this, he was able to find out who he was and what he wanted to do in his life.

Lastly, the plot of this novel progresses into Craig's struggle with Depression and then how he copes with it. Depression plays a huge role in creating this plot as it shows how Craig goes from a determined student to an overworked and stressed out one. The plot however, shows how the world copes with depression and how common it is among the population.


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