Photo Composition Project By: Grace Hall

There are many different kinds of photos that you can take, many different ways that you can take a photograph. These are just a few different kinds of photographs.

This is a pattern.

Patterns are repeated designs. This pattern was found on a very old gas furnace. I liked the look of it because it's not something you'd ever see on a gas furnace today.

This a texture.

Texture is something you feel. Usually an item is rough or raised. In this photo, you can see that it would feel rough because of the cracks. I liked that the texture was very obvious in the photo.

This is Rule of Thirds.

When you use the rule of thirds, you divide the photograph into thirds. You want to have the focus of the photo in either the first or third third. This is our fire pit in our yard. I saw this and immediately saw the rule of thirds opportunity.

This is leading lines.

These railroad tracks are drawing your eyes all the way down the tracks, until they vanish. These tracks are in Borden, and we see them everyday. I liked them because they're something that's always been a part of my life.

This is framing.

This fence is framing these baseball players. These boys are on my brother's baseball team, and stopped for the photo. Baseball is one of my favorite sports.

This is space.

The sky around the flag in this photo is space. I also like how the flag caught the sun. Space makes the object being photographed pop.

This is shallow depth of field.

This polish bottle in the beauty salon is the main focus in the photo. The rest of the salon behind it is blurred. I took this picture at my mom's salon, and since she does nails, I wanted the polish sharp and the rest blurry.

This is deep depth of field.

The foreground in this photo is blurred, while the background is focused. This chair is in the field beside my house. I took the photo through the tall grass to show a deep depth of field.

This is my black and white composition.

The deep depth of field photo was my favorite, so I chose it for my black and white.

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