6 & Broadway 6 Years old with an audition for a broadway show

The casting call went out and 60 Durham kids got a chance to audition for the role of Lulu in the national tour of “Waitress”. Here's a peek at the excitement of that day at DPAC.

Time to sign in & relax... or more likely show some attitude while waiting for your name to be called.
Lots of memories for Mom & Dad.
Time for some last-minute primping...
and maybe a good-luck hug 🤗
Then your name is called to go back!

The audition only takes 5 minutes, but they are quickly able to note practical things like the young lady's height, etc...but also assess her ability to take stage direction & project her personality.

(tap/click for larger photo view)

a little fun freeform dancing.
And a high-five for a job well done.
‘Now, look up at the audience as you walk across the stage’

Dayna Dantzler, who's been with the Broadway cast of Waitress since 2014, goes through all the steps with the young actors— and she does it with such joy and a kind spirit that it reminds you why we all love the theatre so much.

One iconic part of the show still to be tested... Young Lulu runs and jumps up in her loving mom's arms.

It’s a sweet part of the audition, and two DPAC staff members are there to catch the girls and lift them... over & over for 4 hours 💪🏻😁

All done now... time to head back out & tell Mom & Dad about it all! And another group of hopeful young girls has arrived for their turn...

Who was chosen to play Lulu? We won’t know for several weeks, but two girls will alternate the role... and, maybe this little peek backstage at DPAC— meeting a real Broadway star, and dreaming of being in the show will only be the start for a few of these sweet, talented girls.

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