Learning journal Skill Builder: Digital Video for Education

Assignment 1: 15 seconds short holiday video

My first video was a draft for my second video. It is 15 seconds long and I used free short videos from https://videos.pexels.com. It was the first time that I really used Premiere Pro. I thought it was difficult to use it. For the first assignment I did not know how to use effects. My video ends very quick. I asked in the live session how I could change that. To see how much I learned I left the first video as it is. In the second you will see the result of what I've learned.

Password: adobe123

Assignment 2: 30 seconds short holiday movie

The second video is 30 seconds long and I used home footage. I live near the beach so it's a holiday everyday here :) I made the second part of the video first with Premiere Clip on my iPhone. Then I exported it in Premiere. That was so easy. Then I cut some video, I added transitions and some effects. I learned a lot about Premiere now. I even now know the shortcuts!

Password: adobe123

My reflection on this course

I really liked this course. It made me finally use Premiere Pro and Premiere Clip. Because I thought it was too difficult to use. I now know how to make a basic video with some transitions and effects. In the course I learned a lot about how to film a video, when I watch a movie I see the techniques they used. My daughter gave me some help but I learned her the shortcuts. She knows a lot about editing but not the shortcuts. I also showed her the film techniques. Maybe she will join at the next video course.

I want to thank Greg and Mathijs for hosting the live sessions. You're doing great! See you in a next course.


Patricia Karssen

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