Girl Stolen, By April Henry emily daniels

April Henry is New York Times-best selling author. April has written over 20 thrilling books. April Henry lives in Portland, Oregon with her family. Before April began writing, she was a German translator, and a maid. The genre of this book is fiction.

The setting of this story is at a junk yard with a cabin in the woods. The setting of this place lasts around 1-1 1/2 weeks.

Plot Summary- Cheyenne WIlder, 16 years old has been blind for 3 years. She waiting in her step-mother's cadillac for her to return from the pharmacy with her medicine. She has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Some guy named Griffin, steals the car. Cheyenne thinks its her step-mother.

There is 3 main characters in this book. Cheyenne, Griffin, and Cheyenne's step-mother. Cheyenne is a skinny, young teenager and is completely blind, Cheyenne also has a really big heart and loves helping others. Griffin is a heavy set guy in his mid 20's and seems to be the type of person who wants his appearance to be "bad", but really he is very soft and is very kind, and Cheyenne's step-mother is a skinny woman around 30 years old, she also seems to be not so much of a nice person. Whenever Cheyenne was kidnapped she was more worried about her car rather than her step child.

The theme of this book is, don't take anything that is not your belonging to start with. Griffin takes the car, and realizes that he is in even more trouble because not only did he take the car, he took the girl asleep in the back seat with him.

Cheyenne is hidden in Griffin's cabin for 2 weeks, then she escapes and calls police. The police find her after she takes off through the woods and returns her back with her dad and stepmom.

"Sometimes people did this, closed their eyes for a few seconds and imagined it gave them insights into what it was like to be her. Only, at the end, they could still open their eyes and see." Page 60. This is important because Cheyenne is saying this. I think that other people don't actually realize how lucky they are if they aren't blind. Just to close your eyes for a few seconds, to calm down and breathe. But, Cheyenne closes her eyes and sees the same as before.

"Griffin could hear Roy shouting at him, almost as real as the girl in the backseat, the girl who would not stop yelling." Page 5. This is showing that Griffin isn't happy about kidnapping a girl but he wants to impress his dad with a new car. This is also a form of peer pressure, which is portrayed through Cheyenne's and Griffin's perceptions

Vocabulary Words- 1. Harrowing-acutely distressing. 2. Gritted- to clench or grind together. 3.Jauntily-to move easily or lightly. 4. Enunciated-to speak or pronounce words. 5. Abduction- the action or instance of forcibly taking someone away against their will. (

Girl stolen is definitely something that I would recommend. When I read it, I didn't want to stop. I wanted to keep reading until I finished ,although its not how I imagined the ending would be. This book is for anyone who loves reading a book and not knowing what will happen next. Three words to describe this book is scary, unpredictable, and questionable. There is no doubt about it this book will keep you on your toes. I chose those three words because it is scary to even think about being kidnapped. I would be absolutely terrified. The second word, unpredictable. I predicted the end to be Cheyenne and Griffin falling in love. But, Griffin dies. And the last word, questionable. You're constantly questioning "Why would he do that to her?" "Why did he steal the car to make his dad happy?" "Will Cheyenne make it out alive?", etc. Lastly, I recommend this book, and that you check out some more of her books. April Henry is a great author and knows how to keep someone interested.


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