Roman Heroes Damian, Leslie, and aaron

When creating our project we wanted to make it in a place with a lot of history.

We also wanted a place many people travel to and is also very well known

We decided on the Roman Colosseum because it fit all of our requirements and one of our group members (Leslie) had gone there. Also there are many people all around the world that go to Rome to see the Roman colosseum.

We decided to do a Roman Gladiator fighting a lion and a tiger because that is what the colosseum is known for and why it is such a historical place

The main material that would be used in this sculpture is clay which is a the most expensive part costing about $20 each block.

This project was $1,700 mainly because of how much clay we would need to use to make this life size.

In the end this is what we designed. We wanted to make something simple but that represented the History of the Roman Colosseum and why it is such a historical place.

Most of our problems came from making the Bazaart. This is because most of the pictures we found had something or someone blocking the view.


Created with images by SungRae_Kim - "the colosseum roman italy" • PublicDomainPictures - "ancient roman empire armor" • hr.icio - "epl117_2101371" • WikiImages - "romans gladiator spear" • Pexels - "abstract ancient antique" • Thomas's Pics - "money"

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