2016 Review -Mark-

2016 was a very exciting because i was going into my senior years and would be aloud to use an iPad in class. I was also excited because i knew i would have a great teacher.although there were a few jokes made about who i like, i still really enjoyed to year. I also believe that you pushed us hard to get our work done which was great.

I am very nervous for year 8 because i don't know much about my teacher and i hardly have any friends in my class. But besides that i think that i wont much around as much next year because i don't really have any friends, which means ill hopefully become smarter.

Transition day was really fun although i thought that it was ridiculous that if i presented my film at poco fest i would have to go to the principals office because the song had 1 inappropriate line in it. Besides that it was really fun and it was something different.

I felt that I was very successful in English this year, I improved alot this year in english with my punctuation, although I still forget about my i hopefully that will change next year. Other than that everything was good my vocabulary also improved alot.

I felt that i was very successful in maths this year, i was always in the highest group for maths and i improved on every topic. The only time i really struggled was in algebra but i sort of got the hang of it by the end of the unit.

Humanities was very different to what I'm used but i liked this alot and i wish i could have been there to present with my group, because i don't think they were as prepared as i would have been.but i still enjoyed designing this product.

I tried really hard in all my specialists besides Indonesian and it wasn't entirely my fault. Most of the boys would start mucking around and then i would start laughing which is usually got me in trouble. Other than Indonesian i payed attention and tried hard, and gave it 100%.

I wasn't challenged by most things, but algebra really stumped me, and I don't know why, because I understood everything but when i came to the test i had no idea what i was doing.

My main goal for 2016 was to get a great overall score for maths, and i believe that i have achieved that, and although i only got a B i still think that i improved in every aspect.

Thank you so much miss Childs for teaching me and helping me to grow. I will miss you next year and I believe the school will miss you too. Goodluck for next year and I hope you enjoy your next school. -Mark-

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