3D print By:carl

I got the idea from me thinking of a project design for the 3D print and I thought of this. The story behind it is me thinking of a design for the 3D print.

I made a big c then put a small c then connected them with the 4 lines. I didn't know how it was going to print or if it was going to print well. First I was just going to make the big c and put the small s inside of it then I realized it wasn't going to connect so I put the 4 lines

To get my design into the 3D printer, I took a picture of my design then uploaded it to the 3d printer then it started to print. To get my design ready for 3D printing I had to make sure everything is big enough so it can 3D print my design properly.

The machine used a filament to create my design. The machine uses a filament of some sort and then gets ready to 3D print. To load the filament in the 3D printer you put the filament inside a opening on top of the printer until it locks in.

The steps I had to take to get my design printed is that I had to take a picture of my design then upload it to the 3D printer. The part that was surprising is how well it turned out once it finished printing.

The final project tuned out great. It turned out better than I planned. I'm most proud of how it turned out at the end. I could maybe make it a keychain next time. The most interesting parts were when it started printing. There was nothin too diffucult about this. I think this turned out great at the end.

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