musictopia by: annabella kunco:)

Welcome to utopia! Where you listen to music everyday! Music is a way to escape and get out your feelings. Everybody is welcome to explore new people and music!

MOTTO:Sad? Listen to music. Happy? Listen to music. Angry? Listen to music!

Our sign are music notes

My whole vision is to get everyone to listen to music old and new. Music has history and we want young ones to learn about. Whether it was about about a person or just a feeling someone felt. Music isn't just some dumb thing that exists, it may mean little to you but to someone else it their world

RULES: if you break your earphones you must get another pair from the government and no where else, you will get your own pair when on the day you turn 7, you can discover music every Sunday and Wednesday no other day, whatever your mood is you must listen to music, you get $15 every Sunday and you must listen to music at least an hour a day

my Topia is located in Hawaii and you have houses across the beach

SCHEDULE: 8am to 10am: breakfast and get ready for the school of sounds, 10am to 12pm: school of sounds, 12pm to 2pm: family time, 2pm to 9pm: free time 9pm to 8am: sleep and on the weekends is free time!

The government will be a young person and will have a older person on the side. A young person because they know what new music to listen to. And an older person for when people like the older music.

You have to have at least some experience with an instrument, if not and you want to join you can take a class on whatever instrument you want for 2 years.

You get to learn new and exciting things about music and everybody is family friendly, we also always have upgrades every year on the community.


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