The Fine Craft | Learning Exhibition is on view at CreatedHere / NBCCD Studio at 408 Queen Street, from 10am-4pm Monday through Friday. Exhibition runs from February 4th to March 21st.

Some of this work has already sold. Please visit the exhibition in-person to see available product for purchase.

Caoife Garvey

Caoife Garvey is an Irish textile artist who experiments with weaving and felting techniques using natural materials. Guided by her curiosity, she creates handmade accessories rich in colour and texture. Contact to Purchase.

Hannah Simpson

Often found knitting sweaters for her hairless cats, Hannah Simpson is an illustrator and textile artist based in Hampton. She expresses the story of her love for nature, colour, and all things creepy crawly through her work with a soft twist. Contact to purchase.

Jasmine Hildebrandt

Jasmine Hildebrandt is an Atlantic Canadian multi-disciplinary artist living in the Fredericton area. She is inspired by aquatic life, geek culture, and traditional textile designs. Comfort and practicality are the primary aspects that she combines in each of her art pieces. Contact to purchase.

Lida Milchenko

Israeli-born multidisciplinary artist Lida Milchenko often chooses fiber and fabric as tools to make her voice heard. Inspired by her love of nature and texture, she creates pieces that evoke a sense of comfort. With sustainability at the forefront, she uses natural and locally-sourced materials. Contact to purchase.

Natasha Cliché

Natasha Cliché is a Fredericton based textile artist who specializes in machine knitting. She finds inspiration in both vintage design and current trends, and combines the two to create contemporary pieces. To ensure sustainability, she exclusively uses natural and Canadian-sourced fibres. Contact to purchase.

Liza Upham

Liza Upham is a knitwear and pattern designer who makes timeless pieces for wardrobes and interior spaces. Influenced by her Dutch heritage, love for vintage style, and commitment to sustainability, each piece is made with natural and ethically sourced materials. Contact to purchase.

Magan Wilson

Magan is a potter turned textile artist, cat lover, and colour enthusiast. Born in Ontario, transplanted to NB, and steeped in her Irish heritage. She conjures the wild nature of the world. Exploring the moments unconsidered. Contact to purchase.

Tanya Sargent

Tanya Sargent is a New Brunswick textile artist who is conscious and inspired by the environment and ever-changing planet. Her work reflects the beauty and fragility of the world and she uses eco-friendly natural materials and dyes harvested from local flora and fauna. Contact to purchase.

Ciara Myshrall

Ciara is a Maritime potter who handcrafts organic forms that showcase the raw material and natural colours in both clay and glaze. The eye as a repeating motif on her functional ware reflects the ritualistic and mystical qualities of the material. This series if different in-store, visit 408 Queen Street at the CreatedHere/NBCCD studio to view. Contact to purchase.

Sarah Hamelin

Sarah Hamelin began working with clay after completing her BFA in sculpture using clay and foraged natural material inspired by flora lining the railway tracks of her childhood. Her functional ceramics use imagery and ghostly surface designs influenced by impermanence. Contact to purchase.

Veronica Koo

Veronica Koo is a Peruvian-Chinese ceramic artist based in Fredericton who works primarily with porcelain. Accentuating with surface adornment, she incorporates her own illustrations on her vessels, referencing her admiration for Eastern culture drawings, motives, and patterns. Contact to purchase.

Maia Espejo Cochrane

Maia Espejo Cochrane is a potter who was born to European and Mexican-Belizean parents, with Mayan ancestry. Her values and artistic endeavors are influenced from living in a multi-ethnic household. Her primary inspiration for her pottery is ancient Mayan artifacts and iconography. Contact to purchase.

Dee Underhill

New Brunswick based artist, Dee Underhill, has been shaping her jewelry skills since 2019. Working primarily with sterling silver, Dee’s artwork reflects her love and fascination for the unusual. Originally a painter, she merges her techniques to forge objects that are intriguing and inventive. Contact to purchase.

Soraia Maurilio

Soraia Maurilio is a metalsmith who designs bold and colorful pieces, influenced by her home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Working primarily in silver, she designs organic shapes and likes to incorporate stones and to mix metals into her artwork. Contact to purchase.

Tessa Price

Tessa Price is a metal artist from Nova Scotia who works with sterling silver to create fun, eye-catching jewellery. She draws inspiration from animals and the natural world around her. Within her work she strives to incorporate both forms and textures that mimic and reflect this. Contact to purchase.

Craft East Buyers’ Expo is a vehicle for the purpose of promoting crafts and giftware manufactured exclusively in the Atlantic Provinces. For two days in February the finest in candles, clothing, food, glass, home decor, jewellery, leather, metal, native, paintings, paper, pottery, stone, wood and much more will be gathered at the Homewood Suites by Hilton & Conference Centre in beautiful downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

For over 40 years, the Craft East Buyers’ Expo (formerly Atlantic Craft Trade Show) has attracted buyers from across Canada, the United States and other offshore locations. This event is jointly sponsored by the governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. Products at the expo are unique and are juried to ensure that standards of excellence are maintained and to guarantee that they are indeed produced and manufactured in Atlantic Canada.


Photographs by Bang-On Photo.