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What is the full form of SSD?

SSD is an acronym which expands to Solid State Drive. SSD formation make use of DRAM memory chips or NAND Flash technology. It does not have mechanical moveable parts like Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

What are the common differences between SSD and HDD?

HDD is formed by magnetic moving platters that spin to make it work. This technology has been in use since mid-1950s. Due to moving parts HDDs are occasionally subjected to failures arising from mechanical, heat, shock, cold and vibration issues.

In case of SSD, there are no moving parts but memory chips which is same as USB and other compact flash storage products available in the market these days. They are less prone to damage caused due to environmental and mechanical reasons. They give a tough competition to HDDs as they can withstand shocks and normal wear and tear. Also as there are no moving parts, it means noise-free working unlike HDD.

Why are SSDs costlier to HDDs?

The technology used in case of SSD is more advanced and new to the market while HDDs have been there for more than half a century now. Over a period, the gap between price of SSDs and HDDs have reduced but still SSD is costlier to HDD and it will remain the same way as innovation and raw materials used in case of an SSD are expensive as compared to moving parts used in HDDs.

How fast can an SSD be?

It is a good question especially if you are looking to buy storage gadget and find yourself in a dilemma whether to buy HDD or an SSD. The answer to it depends upon your needs, budget and preferences. If you a component that can be taken along while on the go, SSD is a great option. On the other side, if you are looking just to serve the purpose and doesn’t travel much then SSD is a good option. Coming to the question of how fast an SSD can be, it has been estimated that they are at least 20000% faster than HDDs. Speed is thus an advantage which SSD has over a HDD.

Where to buy SSD from?

Shop IRON is one of the ecommerce portals offering various SSDs from leading brands (all at one place) and provide customers good discounts as well. The online IT shop also deals in servers, HDDs, storage and IT infrastructure.

Do watch this interesting video by Theo Joe Tech which is really helpful in knowing few basic things about Solid State Drives.

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