Urinary And enDocrine Braden mccool

Your kidney are two most important things in your body thay filter blood and get rid of waste


Structure Two bean shapes that filter waste from the blood and then produce urine

Function your kidney filters your blood

How to to care and protect drink lots of fluids

Your urine gets filtered about 400 times a day


Structure. A bag like thing that holds your pee

Function. A sac that holds pee until you have to go

Care and protect. Drink lot of fluids


Structure. 2thin tubes take pee to kidney to bladder

Function. It takes waste out of your body when you pee

Care and protect. Drink lots of fluids

The thyroid gland dissepears when your older


structure It's on your neck that is an orgin

Function. Helps you grow and effects your energy level

Care and protect. Don't smoke.

The thymus is an orgin that is above your heart and shrinks when your older


Structure. Gland that's on your neck

Function. It makes T cells defend the body from bad stuff

Care and protect. Do the thamp thymus


Structure. 1 above each kidney makes hormones.

Function. Makes adrenaline and helps the body react to stress

Care and protect Eat less sugar

The pancreas is a long flat plat in your sthomac that releases hormones that helps you control your blood sugar


Structure. Long flat thing in your belly

Function. Insuin helps sugar go into cells

Care and protect eat lots of vegetables


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