Adolf Hitler By Megan Oliver

Hitler was born April 20, 1889. He flunked high school and later became a German soldier. After he got out of school, he became a nonsmoker, vegetarian, and did not drink. He wanted to become a painter, but unfortunately did not get in Vienna Academy of Fine Arts because his art is so awful. He lived as a bum for four years in Vienna up until in the 1920's he got interested in politics. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

After Hitler became chancellor, the swastika spread out through Germany as the Nazi party grew.

Hitler discriminated Jews by taking away their rights, wearing the Star of David, and throwing them in concentration camps. Jews were starved, beaten, and had various diseases and did not get treatment. About six million Jews in concentration camps were killed. Jews that did survive, went to Israel or the United States for a new life.

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