African Kingdoms Anthony romero


Ghana is located in western Africa.Ghana borders the Gulf of Guinea.The climate their is warm,dry,hot,and humid depending in what area you are in,Ghana also includes low plains and plateaus.The culture in Ghana is a mix of many different religions for example "Christian,Pentecostal,Protestant,Catholic,and Muslim" to name a few.Their are also many different languages that are used and English as their official language.Trade is also still important for Ghana they got strong of off the salt and gold trade but invasion and overgrazing helped destroy the empire that was once powerful.

Mali is located in west Africa it borders Algeria,Burkina Faso,Cote d'lvoire,Guinea,Mauritania,Niger,and Senegal.The climate here is a subtropical to arid,hot and dry,rainy,humid,mild,and cold depending on the area and what time of year it is.The terrain is mostly flat to plains covered by sand and the Savannah to the south.Slavery still exists in this area continues to increase but trade is still very important..Religions in Mali include Muslims,Christians,and Animists.Their are many languages used here and French as their official language.Their are many ethnic groups in Mali and each has its own custom ways.

Songhai is located in west Africa south of the Sahara desert.When Songhai was a powerful kingdom at its peak it would be streching over 1000 miles but before they were powerful they had to get their from scratch and they traded slaves and slave trade was very important and slaves were used for a lot of things and helped the most when it came to moving good. Askia Muhammad brought Songhai to its peak and Islam is the most important religion.Their are also 5 provinces in the government and trade is very important and helped the empire grow.

Zimbabwe is located in Africa and is made up of high plateaus with mountains in the east and is known for landscape and wildlife.The weather is tropical and rainy during November to March and is slightly larger than Montana and is a landlocked contry.Trade is important and they use a Zimbabwe dollar for currency the people are Roman catholic and the languages spoken their are English,Shona,Tswana and more.

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