The little Singapore JAke peTerson

Singapore is a little island in the Indian Ocean under Malaysia but is is very populated.

These are all things in Singapore


Singapore is in the northern and eastern hemispheres

The country's that border Singapore are Malaysia and Indonesia

these are super trees located in the capital city of Singapore which is also called Singapore. the coordinates of the capital city are 1° N, 103° E.
Super trees are made for a garden wall purpose. But at night they light up and play music. They are made from 20 - 50 meters in high.

Physical characteristics

Singapore is located between the tropic of Capricorn and the tropic of cancer. Singapore is just a little above the equator and it is specifically between the tropic of cancer and the equator. Mostly called the tropical zone.

Singapore does not have many hills because as seen above it is mostly sea level.

Singapore has no significant physical features just a few little swamps and rivers here and there but as i said nothing major.


This is Singapore's population pyramid. And as you can see they have big population in 2016

Singapore is a very populated country for how small it is. But even though it is very populated it is only the 116th world rank because Singapore is a little island and can not hold a lot of people.

As you can see above, Singapore is a highly populated place. The population density is 20,120 people per square mile! That is a lot of people.

Singapore's growth rate is .849% per year. This a average growth rate. 0.82 children is there fertility rate.

Singapore really only has one major city which is Singapore capital with 3,547,807 people an this is a picture.

As we can tell by the pictures and facts on Singapore is a urban area and no dissuasion needed.

14.55 is people per 1000 people. So that means there are more people coming in than leaving.


Singapore is developed because it has a high GDP per capita, Life expectancy, and a decent Literacy rate. My first reason is that they have a $62,400 GDP per capita. Like I said, very high. My second reason is that reason is that there life expectancy is 84.38 years. Again, very high in the range. Lastly there literacy rate is 95.9%. This is a tad bit under average, but it is still high enough that does not effect the way Singapore is placed on the chart. Now you see why I see Singapore the way I do and that is is developed because of the reasons. High GDP per capita, high life expectancy, and a decent literacy rate.

There are four main languages in Singapore and they are Mandarin 36.3%, English 29.8%, Malay 11.9%, and Tamil 4.4%

There are Five main religions in Singapore, Buddhist 33.9%, Muslim 14.3%, Taoist 11.3%, Catholic 7.1%, Hindu 5.2%. Those are the main five but there are three more things such as, Other Christian 11%, Other 7%, and None 11%.

Ten weird laws that can get you in trouble while in Singapore.

Rule 1

Penalty: <3 months in prison

Singing, reciting or uttering any ballad or obscene song in public is illegal. If you’re caught breaking this law, you’ll be punished with 3 months’ imprisonment, a fine or both.

Rule 2

Penalty: <3 years in prison or $10,000 fine

Using another person’s WiFi is defined as hacking. The penalty for this is a hefty $10,000 fine, 3 years in jail, or both. Hacking is taken very seriously in Singapore.

Rule 3

Penalty: $500

In Singapore it is. If you’re caught tossing your leftovers to the birds, it will cost you $500. It is seriously a criminal offense.

Rule 4

Penalty: <2 years in prison

Same sex relations are forbidden in Singapore. It is not taken as seriously as the others. But it is still a rule.

One sport Singapore plays

Singaporeans play a game called floor ball that is a type of hockey. Each team has five players and a goal keeper. men and women play indoor with 37.8-45.5 inch sticks and a 8.7-9.1 inch plastic ball. The game is played in three 20 minute periods. Floor ball was developed in 1960's and 70's in Sweden ans as of 2014 over 300,133 registered world wide.

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