"There is a solitude of space" By: Emily Dickinson

Stanza 1: there is an empty space

Stanza 2: there is an empty, dark and big place of life but no life

Stanza 3: an absence of death meaning he is very alive

Stanza 4: society should be there to help and make you feel less alone

Stanza 5: because there is an empty and sad sight looking at someone or something

Stanza 6: there is nothing but privacy around

Stanza 7: the soul only has the soul and nothing else

Stanza 8: there is infinity but at the same time it is stopped by something. It is only infinite to the extent of its boundaries

A discussion: there is alliteration throughout with the words " solitude of sea" "Solitude of space" "Polar Privacy" and "Society Shall". There is also an anaphora or repetition of the word Solitude. Also an allusion with stanza 7 "A soul admitted to itself". Then I defined the words I didn't know like solitude (state of being alone), finite (having boundaries, not infinite), and profounder (penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge; having deep insight or understanding). There are only negative words in the poem and they are space, death, profounder, and privacy. There is only visual imagery in this poem and the tone is depressed and gloomy because throughout the poem the author is talking about being alone even within the society and his soul is all he has.


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