Disasembiling a Camera Margie Haney


A lense is a curved piece of plastic or glass. The purpose is to bend the light at an angle to make the image show on the film. It also slows the light down because it moves very fast


The casing is the outer plastic part of the camera. It protects the insides of the camera from damage and holds the parts in place.


The flash circuit is the light that flashes when a picture is taken. It flashes light when you take a picture and helps see the picture on the film.


The tube inside the flash that exits the xenon gas.


Plastic piece that opens and close in light. Help the picture turn out good from letting in light.


Plastic based thin paper like sheet. This records the picture thats taken. The light reflects on it and records.


Disabling a radio

We disabled a 2003 Memorex AM/PM Stereo Radio CD player and the model is NO. MTT3200

This is the radio

The outer part of the radio is the casing. This protects the inside of the radio and parts of it control the inside. Like the nobs and buttons on the outside.

Front of the mother board.
Back of the mother board.

The mother board controls most of the radio. All the little sircit board are connected to the mother board. Its also connected to the plug you plug into the wall.

Smaller sircit boards

This is one of the smaller sircit. The nobs on the outside of the radio contol this sircit board. It has plastic on it that are turning the yellow part of the radio. It changes the chanel.

The sircit board that controls the numbers and buttons.

This sircit board is controlling the number of the song on the radio. Its also controlling the bottons changing the song on the disc. This sicrit board is contected to the mother board throught the gray wirers

The disk analizing divice

This is the thing that analizes a disk and plays the music.

The disk slot

This holds the disk in place when the analizing thing reads it.

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