SS Ch. 7 Less. 3 Austins Spark

A convoy is a group of ships that escort and protect other ships.

A kaiser is a German emperor.

By 1917 the years of trench warfare had exhausted the Allied armies.

The American entry into the war had an immediate impact to the U.S.

The convoy system worked well because in one year, allied shipping losses dropped from 900,000 tons per month to 300,000 tons per month.

The Arrival of American troops also helped offset the loss of Russia from Allied cause.

In November 1917, riots broke out over the new Russian government's handling of the war and the scarcity of food shortages.

In March 1918, Lenin signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany.

While revolution shook Russia and Germany went on the attack, the Americans were preparing to join the fight.

Perishing had the AEF ready for battle by the spring of 1918.

American Soldiers were nicknamed "doughboys" because the buttons on their uniforms resembled boiled dough dumplings.


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