Energy/Andy By Andy

The fire is slowly melting the snow as snow slowly extinguishes the fire

The picture explains the thermal energy and heat transfer. Fire is slowly melting the snow. However, the fire will calm down and gone. The snow's thermal energy is higher than fire's thermal energy and the snow have the more mass.

Solar Energy

The solar energy is used by many people. It uses Sun.

Hydro Energy

The Hydro Energy is clean and renewable. It uses a water.


Conduction happens when the electricity moves place to place. For example, it is hot pot and the metal spoon. The hot pot is hot and the spoon is cold. If you let the spoon let in the hot pot for about few minutes, the spoon will get about hot as hot pot because of the conduction. So that is the one of the examples for conduction.


Convection is the circular motion that happens when warmer air or liquid. Which it will make faster moving particles. For example, the hot air balloon. The fire makes energy which means hot air. The hot air tries to go up and the heat traps on the balloon and cold air goes down. That is called Convection current.


Radiation is energy transmitted by waves or a stream of particles. For example, the microwave. When the microwave is fully heating up, it is really hot. You plug the microwave and put the foods in the microwave and it cooks. The electricity turns on the microwave and the microwave makes radiation and it makes microwave very hot.

Pool vs light

Who is the winner? The cold pool or hot light? When you touch the cold pool, it is cold and when you touch the light, it is hot. The fire boils the water and the water extinguishes the fire. Which one have the more thermal energy? The cold pool have more thermal energy. The water doesn't burn you but the pool has much more mass.


The Conductor are the materials that keeps energy such as electricity and heat from transferring through is an insulator. The metal is best insulator and that is why people are using metal or stainless steel for water bottle.


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