Corporate photography is a vast area of photography which has many areas within it. It can be from a candid shot of a tradesman at work, to a very posed photo which involved hair and make up to be done for a manageress of an office building.


This photograph is probably one of my favourite styles of corporate photography as its not candid but it has a really relaxed feel about it. The soft lighting looks to be a combination of both artificial and natural. The rule of thirds has also been thought about when taking the photograph. His pose his very relaxed and open so it adds a nice casual feel to the image.


This style of photograph i don't like so much as its very posed, not un-natural but not as natural as it could be. Her pose is very closed, but some may look at this as though she is of a high authority than someone whom has a more relaxed pose. The light looks very natural, like it has been taken in-front of a very tall window which give a lovely bright, but soft, light over the subject. It also looks like a wide aperture has been used which has blurred the background out which pulls focus on the subject.


This photograph has been taken to look as though someone is looking in on some sort of important business discussion between the 3 men dressed in well pressed suits and freshly polished shoes. This photo looks to have been set up but it could be a natural, candid set up. The lighting is really natural and soft from the window behind the subjects. The photographer is taking this from roughly the same level as the 3 men a sitting giving a different perspective to the person viewing the photograph.


This photograph could possibly be classified as a head shot style portrait instead of a corporate photograph. I do like this photograph style as its quite a soft lighting which is what you want in a head shot. The slightly of centre cropping as it keeps your eye within the frame.


This is an image that stood out when doing my research. The use of the table that the subject is leaning on is used as a sort of a reflector, as you can see a very vague reflection of the subject, which i really like as it ads depth to the photograph. It looks as though there has been one artificial light to his left, the lighting technique looks to be rembrant, by looking at the the light falling on his face.


This photograph caught my eye when scanning through photos because of its age. This looks like it was taken in the 1940s looking at the uniform that the 2 lady conductors are wearing and the style of bus too. I really like the casualness of this photo, it does not look to set up or posed, I don't think. It also breaks gender stereotype rolls as they are working which back then wasn't common. The image quality isn't quite what we are used to seeing, but just something about this photograph really stands out to me and I love it.


This photograph of Barak Obama seemed to pop up quite a lot when doing my research. This particular photo is a different style of corporate as it was taken in a studio with lights and a backdrop. This photo is we thought out from the pose to the perspective it is taken at. His pose is a dominant, yet inquisitive, like he is ready to listen. The perspective of the photographer is also slightly below Obamas eye line, which in a subtle way, shows authority. The lighting technique looks to be butterfly lighting which gives a really nice even light over the subject.


I really like this photo because it its a very candid and relaxed photo. It is taken from a view point of someone sitting in the meeting at the table along side the subjects. The lighting is very natural and warm so the light looks to be coming in from the window alone. I really like the shallow depth of field as it draws your eye in and keeps you deep within the frame.


This photograph is a posed photo which has been well thought through. The rule of thirds have been used to compose the photograph, by putting the subject on the left of the image it make us read the the photo. In the english language we read left to right, so doing this with a photograph it helps us understand the image. I also feel it give the image another pointer in looking very professional. His pose is very closed but this makes him look very dominant and look like a higher figure, the angle the photo was taken at contributes to the dominance.


This photo is one of my favourites out of the ten I have evaluated. The warm natural lighting really appeals to me as its an inviting type of light instead of a cooler toned light. I also really like how candid and natural the photo is. It looks like a genuine environment in which people work in one daily basis, this style is probably my favourite style of corporate photograph as its so simple but so right for this type of photography. the shallow depth of field makes the photo over all really soft which work really nicely along ids the lighting.
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